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The geek (1 Viewer)



The geek stared at the faint glow illuminating from monitor. He paused for a second. He could turn out source code, earning himself a decent salary. His co-workers enjoyed his wit injected stories, whether it be lunch, before the day began or anytime to muse struck. The well crafted nightly recounts of the day’s activities always entertained his twin sons and fiancé. The few presentations he’d written over the years where always met enthusiasm. As he tirelessly pounded out code through the years, the nagging thought grew louder. Could that elusive idea pinging around his cranium ever see the light of day? Better yet, would anyone actually pay to read it? The sound of the printer warming up returned his thoughts to the source code on screen. Perhaps tonight, the application of choice would be Word.

Cheesy? Perhaps, but that, in a nutshell is why I'm here. Aspiring writer seeks wisdom of others on the path to fortune and riches.

Cheers! :smurf: