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The Furnace (1 Viewer)


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Soul participates of two Realms. Like Mind. So I have come to the conclusion that Soul is Mind.

Soul is responsible for holding the Ingredients of Life. It holds what we Believe. Then our spirit gives life to what we believe.

So then Soul, is the Experiencer, of what Soul holds as truth. Thus the spirit of man giving light to the images held to be true. Reminiscent of Plato's Cave and our very own Drive-in Theater.

The first ten lines of Genesis are said to contain more Truth than all the libraries of the world, because the Truth Image cannot be dissolved. But the Shadows cast on the Screen do not make them "real", or even part of the Production. No indeed. Just like Plato described, the prisoners making up their own stories for the Shadows they See.

Now coming into the Light is understood deeper that what was already a deep story.

Two have become one.

The spiritual and the materialist have united beautifully, as the colorful Ring appears over the Waters.

But it starts as Black.

But wait, it didn't start as Black....

It started as Light.

The darkness is not necessary!

But as long as there is Dark, let the Light reign.

"As you have believed, so be it done unto you".

"There is no darkness in light".

The Experience of Darkness only "means" we are still divided, and thus, "a house divided cannot stand".

We define the Experience. Doing so by the Experience, keeps us Experiencing the same things.

Thus, "history repeats itself".

For those trapped in Time. But for the Believer, we look for a Time when "there shall be Time no longer".

Eternity.... contains Time.

Which means the Ambassador of this Kingdom has legal access to the things of that Kingdom, even while in a foreign land.

Others have said to, "make fire afraid of Fire".

No way to do that without a Furnace and without heat.

But the Smith knows how to temper the heat.

Making the most colorful Glass. So when the Son shines through, He gives Form to the Light.

The preparation is understood now.

Gold is refined.


Friends of WF
Im not faulting your logic although it feels like a pinball in a machine responding to the bumpers
is the purpose of life refinement ?
Man know thyself
if we are created
then the process is the point of it all
not the product refined at the end
as in given we are created
we could have been gold to start with