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The Four (Some Explicit Language) (811 Words) (1 Viewer)

Jeff Degginger

Senior Member
Hey guys, its been a while since I've shared anything (either here or the blog) so I decided I would throw you a rough-rough-rough draft of a story idea I got this week. I'll let it speak.

The Four
The Four met at dawn. It had been a while. Billy had been in a fight last week. The other three asked him about it. He was okay.
It was the fourth of July. Billy had fireworks. Jack had beer. It was tradition. That’s why they were here.
They sat in office chairs, in an abandoned parking lot with grass growing out of it. The cement was off balance in places, aligning the chairs awkwardly. Jim had a handlebar moustache. It shined in the light of the blossom, glowing its red, white, and blue. It was like a flare.
When the blossom burned out, Billy threw another one. The Four all drank the beer. It was good.
At midnight they watched the show. It was bright. Afterwards, Billy threw another blossom. Jack opened a beer.
* * *
When the beer was gone, Jack drove the Four to the liquor store. It was on 4th Street. The Four were regulars, always together, always on the 4th of July. They got Budweiser, Miller, Heineken, and Shinerbok. Jack liked Budweiser. Billy was the Shinerbok guy. “It’s about the quality.” He would say. Jack said it was about beer. The other Two agreed with Jack, but respected Billy.
Billy paid. Billy was cool. The other Three knew that Billy was the closest to their leader as it got. He’s the one who set up the meetings. He’s the one who started the tradition. He’s the one.
When they left the liquor store, Jack opened a beer. Billy wasn’t cool with it. “You could’ve waited until we got back to the parking lot.” Jack agreed with the sentiment between gulps. Billy shook is head.
They got back to the parking lot. Billy didn’t talk to Jack. Billy threw a blossom. It burned bright.
The Four agreed to meet again tomorrow night. July the 5th was special too. It was Billy’s birthday.
* * *
The Four went to a bar downtown. It was called Linda’s. The old man behind the bar was Linda. He said it was a man’s name. No one believed him. But Jim knew he was a man, he saw his penis in the bathroom one time. It was bigger than usual.
The Four ordered four drinks. There was a loud man in the corner. He was drunk already. A football game came on TV. Billy called the Red team. The other three called the blue team.
Billy was right. He celebrated a little bit and the drunken man told him to keep it down. Billy said, “Just having a good time man… you know what I mean.”
The drunken man took offense. He said something about Billy’s mother. Jack stood up and yelled at the man. Billy said, “Calm down.” The drunken man wanted to fight Billy. The other three dragged Billy to the parking lot. The drunken man stumbled after them.
In the parking lot Billy said, “I don’t want to fight.”
The drunken man stumbled around. He was too inebriated. No one saw the green glass bottle in his hand. Billy wanted to give the drunk man cab fare, try to call him a cab to take him somewhere. The drunken man called Billy a faggot. Then in a moment of clarity he swung the bottle hard and smashed it on Billy’s head. The other three were shocked and pushed the drunken man away, a look of astonishment on his face as the street light reflected off the green shards on the asphalt.
The other three went to the hospital with Billy. Billy had bandages on his face. Glass shards that could be picked out were. The rest weren’t. The Four were allowed to stand in the room with Billy. Jack said he snuck in a beer. Jack opened a beer.
Billy wasn’t happy.
* * *
A year passed. It was July the 3rd. The three were prepared to get the call from Billy, to meet him in the old abandoned parking lot to throw blossoms and drink beers. Instead Jack called the other two. Billy was dead.
The three were together on the phone for a moment. The sound of Jack opening a beer could be heard. Jim called him a dumb fuck.
* * *
The other Three (one of them pointed out they were only three now, and Jack said they’d always be the other three) met up on the 4th of July. Jack had beer. Jim brought the fireworks. None of them were the same, except for the blossoms.
As they sat in the parking lot, reminiscing about Billy, sharing the best stories they had about him. The last one mentioned that someone should throw a blossom. They all looked to their left. Jack stopped drinking beer. They sat in the darkness.
They forgot it was Billy who always threw the blossoms.