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The Fly's Reply Fractured fairytales prelude (1 Viewer)


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The Fly's Reply

my oh my, why oh why, where oh where, do I die-
do I fly high in the sky, and fly till I die ~
or fly down to the ground, and dive in your eye ---

I wobble

I wiggle

I tingle

I fizzle

my tired wings do shiver and shake~
from this decision that you ask me to make ---

what's it to you in what I do---
am I not just a pesky pest to you-
a lowly bug of no significance-
absent of any beneficence~
what does it matter to you in how I die---
high in the sky, or in your eye~
who are you to offer me salvation’s path---
when all I've known was your hellish wrath~
but before I go to die---
either in your eye or in the sky~
it was she not I---
who deceived you with her lie~

Oh you silly fly, you oddly odd fly---
you wicked and spirited godly gadfly~
it was you, not I ---
who had an affair with another fly~
right before my eye,
to show me what we had together
was one self deluding lie-
your fickle heart being now the property
of that other fly---

I raged

I fumed

anger sealed my doom

I spittled and spit---
my head exploded and split-
in my altered state all I felt was hate~
only in death will my revenge abate-
not He, only I, would be your heartfelt mate---
alas! alas! the rest was left to fate-
leaving me to cry, as you flew in the eye~
to die to empty yourself to Him---
wallowing together in sin, in the eternal dim~~

I stumble

I crumble

I fumble

I tumble

all alone I fly, grimy and naked---
throw those stones and bones, pebbles and rocks~
there’s a hole in my soul, all twisted in knots-
I’ve been forsaken, betrayed, afraid, and outplayed ~~

all that is left of me--- is long ago dead
please let me rest a while--- as I lay on your head~~~