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The Flubbles Season 1 Scripts: An Introduction (1 Viewer)

Hello! Before posting any scripts, I must post an introduction that will immerse you into the world of The Flubbles, a cartoon I write for (and produce, and animate, and voice over....).

First, let me warn you: The Flubbles, though a cartoon, is not for kids. Our aim is at Adult Swim, not Nickelodeon. This cartoon has language and innapropriate situations, so if you don't like either of those, please, for heaven's sake, do not continue... last thing Flubbed Productions needs is a lawsuit for something... because you can sue for anything, even for subjecting people to language and innaropriate situations against their will.

Now that that's settled, let's move on to the description of the show. The Flubbles started back in 2001 from a tiny little sketch done by my younger brother. It then grew from a kid's show with only one possible script idea to a, well, more mature show with an entire first season outlook with 13 episode ideas, several of which have already been scripted.

The Flubbles focuses primarily on 3 brothers: Jason "Pee Wee" Flubble, 16; James "Jay Jay" Flubble, 11; and Jake "Chim Chim" Flubble, 5. They live in a small town just east of Las Vegas. The town is called Roscombus. The town sits on top of a fictional mountain and is seperated into North and South. They live in the middle-class section, South Roscombus. Now, the thing about the Flubbles: they're shapes. For no apparent reason. Pee Wee's an orange rectangle with green (normally blond, but he changed that) spiked hair, Jay Jay's an orange rectangle with blond, messy, flat hair; and Chim Chim's a purple cylinder with blue hair, but his hair is always hidden under an overly huge yellow cone hat with a green star on it.

Pee Wee's life consists of these basic needs: Eat, Sleep, Marijuana. Pee Wee and his friends are often found getting stoned and causing mischeif. His friends are worse then he is, consisting of such characters as: Hood Kid, 16, owner of a huge underground pot growing facility; Grissom Gunderson, 16, a redneck triangle from... somewhere in the south, as he says; Pedro, ?, an alien who escaped from Area 51 and is trying to get in contact with his home planet; Richtor Valdez, 15, a very nerdy Mexican rodent; and several others. Pee Wee also has a deep seeded hatred for goths. He HATES goths.

Jay Jay has no life. He's a paranoid freak who's barely in any episodes... and we here at Flubbed Productions love him. He's awesome.

Chim Chim's life... is insane. Chim Chim: 5 years old, overly hyper, and runs a cult that burns socks! Apparently, to him, burning socks is part of his religion, The International Teachings of Iceeupeean... but to everyone else... he's a cult leader. Also, many people think Chim Chim is... well... homosexual... or metrosexual, even... but he's not. Well, at least according to him he isn't. We're pretty sure he isn't, but not entirely.

Oh, wait, there's also The Spork Brothers, the neighborhood vandalism punk rocker morons. According to Pee Wee: "Dude, they're not cool because they don't get stoned... vandalism isn't cool anymore... at least, not until they make another video game about it." Rin Tin Tin and Rolo Spork. Rin Tin Tin's a fork, Rolo's a spoon. Rolo does everything Rin Tin Tin tells him to, however, Rolo's true dream is to go to Japan and embrace his Asian cultured brothers, even though he's not Asian.

And that's about the entire show description. You'll meet the other characters as I post scripts. Now then, for the fun part: the episode summaries! READ AND ENJOY!

Episode 1-01: “Munchies” Pee Wee, Grissom, and Hood Kid get stoned. This episode fallows their quest for junk food and havoc. Also, Chim Chim learns what adult candy is.

Episode 1-02: “Iceeupeean” Chim Chim founds his own religion (AKA cult), The International Teachings of Iceeupeean. Also, Pee Wee yells at Goths on the internet.

Episode 1-03: “Party” Pee Wee starts a party. Also, Rolo dances too much. Also also, Grissom likes the name “Anti-Prom”, even though Pee Wee doesn’t want to name the party that because, quote, “Stealing things from some group of people in New Jersey is stupid. It’s all about stealing from the Eighties right now. Or the Russians.”

Episode 1-04: “Jenny” Jenny moves in. Pee Wee goes ballistic. Also, Chim Chim gets a new cult fallower.

Episode 1-05: “Spork” The Spork Bros. run out of spray paint. This episode fallows their quest for Silver Spray. Also, Rin Tin Tin Spork discovers the wonders of the 2nd Annual Chia-Dome Havok Konvention.

Episode 1-06: “Hero” Chim Chim becomes a super hero just as a mutant panda bear escapes from the Roscombus Zoo. Also, the local band of Goths discover the wonders of organ skewers.

Episode 1-07: “Rape” Pee Wee, Grissom, Hood Kid, and Richtor get stoned. This episode follows their quest to make fun of the raped chicks at the Teenage Rape Therapy Center. This is also, coincedentaly, the most offensive piece of television ever written.

Episode 1-08: “Halloween” The gang goes Trick or Treating. Pee Wee finds how fun conning people out of their money can be, while Chim Chim embraces Rolo’s Japanese background by dressing as a Domokun. Also, Grissom finds a costume resembling the Arby’s oven mitt.

Episode 1-09: “Waterboys” The Roscombus Waterboys have a game on the same night as the South Roscombus High School Waterboys. Also, Gus finds out he can’t really say Waterboys.

Episode 1-10: “Tourist” Tourists, shunned from Vegas hotels, invade the home of innocent South Roscombus citizens. Also, the citizens of North Roscombus laugh at the plight of the South Roscombus citizens and also try to abduct Jenny into their culture.

Episode 1-11: “Goth” The local Goths try to build a gateway to Hell. Pee Wee has to stop them. Also, Chim Chim tries to get Goths to join his religion… or cult.

Episode 1-12: “Futures” First part of a two-parter which shows what Roscombus will be like in the future. This episode is about 5 years into the future. Also, Pee Wee takes a Super Test.

Episode 1-13: “Ages” Second part of a two-parter which shows what Roscombus will be like in the future. Pee Wee’s got a family, Hood Kid owns a pot empire, and Grissom’s exactly the same. Also, Pedro finally gets contact with his home planet.

Oh, by the way, I have to add this: we have copyright. You no touchey, we no sue-y. Comprende? (sorry, the crew decided that from now on we have to issue warnings.... just to keep it safe.)

REVIEW THE SEASON SUMMARIES! Please... we want to know if they're good or not... :p