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the extinction of christians (Mature Content) (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Hey guys, here's a poem i just wrote, fresh off the press. I swear i get all my ideas when im doing laundry.

the extinction of christians

if you want to destroy the christians
then take off your pants

your backside flopped out in the breeze
the old christian women gasp as you walk by
if you have the junk shake it
bouncing your withered tool in the amazing cold of naked
watch their eyes avert and sounds of disgust be made
cops are mentioned

if you don't have the junk
you are truly beautiful

imagine all their faces as you step into the church
there's a cold wind here too especially
when you place your backside against the pew
and cross your
legs and the priestly father asks you to leave and you ask why
he tells you you are naked
you ask him why wear clothes when you are the image of god?
the priest says that god? is not a beast like you
you disagree

naked you stand
feeling the gust of force
shaking the hair on your backside
like flowers
sprouting from the rounded hill that casts its one brown eye
upon all them in the room
leave them to their clothed beliefs
and revel in your nude free thought form

Glass Pencil

Senior Member
Never really felt like mooning a congregation, heh. To be honest I feel it peaked at "Take off your pants." Very silly.