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The End (1 Viewer)


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I wrote this story a little little while ago.

“There coming this way” was the thought that kept running through Heathers mind. She watched the horde of shambling dead through the scope on her rifle. They made their way towards another poor soul. It was an old woman, the woman reminded Heather of her mother. The things that were human as little as a month ago fell on her, she screamed and tried to run but it was useless. Heather put her scope down; she had seen this scene repeated half a dozen times. She didn’t want to watch it again. Even at this distance she could see what was going on. She hunched her knees up her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Heather started to cry, her looted Ipod was playing ‘The End” by The Doors, it was too much to handle. She could remember when she had come to Dallas two months ago. She was young and bursting with Ideas then, ready to take on her new job in a new town, now all she could think of was what she would eat next week, or next month, or next year, and where she would stay. She hadn’t talked to anyone else in at least a week, probably more. Heather sat on the roof of her house and watched the hordes that were most likely about 500 feet away. The old woman was the last living in the park down the street; they had barricaded them selves in there, a group called “Zombie Squad”. But now they were all just one more of the horde, they were just a light snack.

The hordes had come out of South America a week ago; this whole crazy thing had started some were in brazil and spread from there, Heather had no clue how far it spread now, the military had tried to stop the zombies, but they had been over run. And here she was sitting waiting, waiting for what? A rescue copper that never come? She was stranded on an island of the living in a sea of the dead. What was the end? When the zombies had all been killed? Like that would ever happen she thought as she watched the horde wandering around looking for more things to eat.

She stood up, The End was still playing on the Ipod, and she could remember where she’d heard it first, in Apocalypse Now. And she could recall the one line from that movie that had stuck in her head. The insane commando saying in the end of the film as the main character was making his way back down the river, “The Horror, The Horror”. She was near the edge; she looked down and saw all the horror that grown there in all those things that had once been known so well to her, those things had once been beautiful. She jumped off the edge and fell to join the horror below her. And it welcomed her with opened arms.

And then I wrote a comic version of it, which I think is better. Its being drawn right now, I'll post it when and if it gets done.

Frame 1: The Zombies through the eyes of the Heather with her scope with cross hairs, a box in the corner reads “There coming this way”.

Frame 2 and 3 two more scope shots, the zombies surround the woman fall on her in a small box in the corner in frame 3 we see “Kinda looks like Grandma”.

Frame: 4: We see heather sitting on top of an apartment building. In the distance, the small figures of the zombies can be seen walking around the street. Half way down the street a broken barricade can be seen. This might have to be a large frame.

Frame 5: a close up on heathers face, she looks like she’s on the verge of tears. She’s also wearing head phones. A text box in the corner reads “How many times have I seen something like that, ten, twenty times?”

Frame 6: A close up shot of an Ipod or other Mp3 player. Its playing (you guessed it) the end.

Frame 7: Another close up on heathers face. She’s crying; show the lyrics written across the bottom of the frame, “This is the end”

Frame 8: A younger looking Heather sitting across a desk from a woman in office. A word box in the corner reads “I remember when I came to Dallas, I was younger, or at least I felt younger.” Across the bottom “Beautiful friend
this is the end”

Frame 9: Heather sitting in front of a desk typing on a computer. A word box in the corner reads “I was young and ready to start a new job in a new town”. Across the bottom “My only friend, the end”

Frame 10: A scene of the military in a line with tanks and soldiers ECT. Word box “Then the hordes of those things came up out of Mexico and everything changed.” Across the bottom “ Of our elaborate plans, the end”

Frame 11: A zombie dressed in military cloths. Word box “The Military, failed………they were overwhelmed” Across the bottom “Of everything that stands, the end.”

Frame 12: A city with all hell broken loose, I’ll let you figure out how to draw it. Across bottom “No safety or surprise, the end”

Frame 13: a close up on heathers eye. Word box “So here I am.”
Across bottom “Ill never look into your eyes...again”

Frame 14: Heather standing up, a word balloon coming from her reads “I wonder……” Across Bottom “Can you picture what will be
so limitless and free?”
Frame 15: We see from heather from the side staring over the edge of the building. Across Bottom “Desperately in need...of some...strangers hand”

Frame 16: We see the zombies from heathers point of view looking up at her from the street. Across Bottom “In a...desperate land”

Frame 17: Heather standing near the edge saying “I could.”
Across bottom “Lost in a roman...wilderness of pain”

Frame 18: Heather with her arms out stretched falling, below her the zombies wait with arms out stretched. Across the Bottom “It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me The end of laughter and soft lies of nights we tried to die”

Frame 19 totally black, only the words “The End” are visible.


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I don't know about anyone else but I find it very hard to picture a comic when it's written in words ...
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I think you're awesome, Zerath, and you're a kid so you've got lots of time to improve. These other folks can go pound frickin' sand.:thumbr:


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I think its a good start for what you want to do with the story. I think a character questioning their own existence in some way is always a good story to tell. I honestly know nothing about writing a comic, but it seems you can tell a lot in a short time with the frames.

Question: Did you get this idea from listening to The Doors? Or watching Apocalypse Now? I listen to music when I write, and the songs always seem to want to be in the story..haha....

Anyway, If you go in a direction of Ghost In A Shell type of graphic comic, I think it would be cool....