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The Edge Chronicles-Stromchaser (1 Viewer)


:D The book starts off kinda slow but then goes at a lightning pace.It follows Twig,a boy who was raised by woodtrolls in the deepwoods but then found his father Cloud wolf a sky pirate.Its the second book in a trilogy but fourthchronologically the other books in the series are

Curse of the Gloamglozer(TCOTG)
The winter knights(TWK)
Beyond the deepwoods(BTDW)
Midnight over Sanctaphrax(MOS)
The last of the sky pirates(TLOTSP)
Free glader(FG)

only 5 of these books have been released in America but i live in Ireland so they all come out.There is a couple more to come out at least 5 more.
Stormchaser is a brilliant book so buy it or get TCOTG and then TWK