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"The divine elixir of the holy will numb your senses" (1 Viewer)



The one thing degradation had taught me, is not to underestimate the knowledge that life is too short. So few years to develop into something that you want to breathe your last breath as. Our perfection at old age, the wisdom we supposedly achieve… A year of mature pondering, is not worth a day in a young mans life.

The written word. It is no longer a mystery that is shapes and destroys civilisations. Makes the feeble greedy for success and attention, and lays any worthy competitors souls to ashes. Excuse my pathetic and banal symbolism, for I am planting seeds that should not be too obvious to distinguish. Jesus spoke, but he did not write, for he left it to his hypocrite apprentices. And the holy one left behind him, a well trained sect that truly believed in the good nature of man, and tried to obliterate the one and only thing that connects us all: human nature. Morals, principles, spiritual dilemmas; were all taken into consideration by these writers. The creators of the holy bible. But our beginnings were forgotten, stomped and spat upon. The fact that it is perfectly natural and necessary to breathe, eat and drink, and give in to carnal pleasures, uphold the self-confidence one needs by avenging betrayal, or simply striking back when attacked, was suddenly not necessary anymore. For the divine elixir of the holy, would numb down your senses in divine persuasion and promise of eternal life in exchange of you being branded by the cross. If you simply neglected your true self.
I attack an enemy that isn’t guilty of the crimes I know I have committed myself. I attack an exterior source instead of criticize ME and all my flaws. Nothing is sweeter, than lying to yourself. The sugary, soothing feeling of schizophrenia oozing from your skull can be understood by a few. Actually anyone, that has a hard time making decisions. Because that seraph and fiend supposedly sitting on your shoulders don’t look like they are going to stop sucking each-others c***s just yet.
Oh the tastelessness!

Judge my misunderstanding, as a dark passage is in the works. You do not believe in a revolutionary change, you take it slow. You like it slow…You do not want to be somebody else, people don’t change. Everyone is attached to their material factors of well-being, but people forget, that even emotions are as short-lived, as our passing pleasures. You own your things, just don’t let your things own you, and don’t forget, that your spiritual well-being, (your mood and emotions) are just like your possessions. Once one lets his emotion to take over ones life, you will not only at times act irrational, but even hurt others, just to satisfy your own self.
The west is tired of the washed-out avant-gardism and retro (everywhere you look). Have we stopped developing spiritually? Who put the methamphetamine in Mr. everything? Is our top-of-the-line western culture beginning to rot in the perfectly sealed package, where it has been isolating itself from the rest of the world for all these years? Have we lost our way? Then it is time to ask for directions.
Lets not look at our history to avoid mistakes. Let us make mistakes for ourselves, ones unique for our time. Lets empty our nuclear reservoirs onto each-other, and then see who will emerge as the leader, the one person who is actually worthy of the role he plays.
Look down at me and you will see a dog, look up at me and you will see your god, look straight at me, and you will see yourself.

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