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the dice man (1 Viewer)



anyone read 'the dice man' by Luke Rhinehart. Just finished it and was pretty intrigued with some of the ideas it throws up, although perhaps could've been carried out better. I'd be interested to here anyone's opinion


Hi there, I first read the Dice Man at the beginning of 2000 when I was going through a bit of a rough time. I have read it several times since! Needless to say and to my surprise it kinda helped me through a bit with the blatent leaving things to 'Chance' not to mention all the different scraped Luke finds himself in. I would stay up late, hour after hour, turning page after page, then the next day spend all available breaks at work reading it too! I do have to say what an easy book it is to read (it was for me) and for this if not how the story can engage you so much I urge any who have not read it to do so when they can! I have also read the Search for the Diceman, the sequel which focuses primarily on Larry, Luke's son who is now grown and visites Lukedom on his travels to find his father. No where near as engaging as the first book, but engaging nonetheless!