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The Dark Tower--A Beautiful book! (1 Viewer)



I just laid eyes on The Dark Tower VII for the first time today, and let me tall you, that book is one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen. I haven't begun to read it yet, but the presentation of the book, the illustrations on the dust jacket and inside, are very impressive. The book is, in the immortal words of Lord IlPalazzo, "Visually Appealing." The cover art is very colorful and romantic looking--there's a whole lot of red, mainly from a huge field of roses. The pictures inside carry a very rich fantasy feel to them, and the character designs are superior to anything in the previous illustrations in the series--everyone looks very much like I envision them. In addition to the full-color illustrations, there are also numerous little sketches of things like Nozz-a-la cola and random lemurs which occur at the beginnings or ends of chapters--the pictures, that is, not the lemurs. *shrugs* Prominent among these little sketches are pictures of Stephen King--three of him, in fact--hovering around in a prophetic manner, as if he is a dark magician who has made duplicates of himself. Strange effect. In addition to the visual art, there are the usual poetry quotes before each part, the stylistic titling of chapters that recall poetry, ("Coda, for example), and, at the end of the book, the publishers have reproduced in full Robert Browning's "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came."

In all, the presentation of the book is superior to anything I've seen for a long time. Though I haven't yet red a word of the story, (stupid mother! Unleash the book from your foul clutches!), this book has already captured my imagination. If none of you have the time to read the book, I would at least suggest you gaze appreciatively at it for long hours--you'll love the picture of Jake and Oy! GRRR!