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The Cover Did Not Match (1 Viewer)


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The Cover Did Not Match

It is the cover,
bright, alluring
that catches the eye
fixes the mind


expectations rise...

but as one delves
the words
with their ideas

do not reconcile
with the image
to the eye

and the adage
is well worn
so keep going

the best way-forward

one cover to the other

So despite an inital let down
the words had their own
curious bit of charm...

And while it was the cover
that drew the eye--it was
the words the held

the mind intrigued

(Potato Cat guarding the source of this thought...It was an impulse buy I'm glad I heeded.)


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LOL, this is strange, uncanny really. I was thinking about your writing and how intriguing, layered, and unique it is. I wondered who you are and how your mind conjures. This poem is exactly the questions and thoughts I have about you.


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This is good on so many levels. The serious philosophical thinking poet and the story teller of magical tales.

This feels semi-autobiographical, about how your poetry is received. You poems cover a huge mythical landscape with technical wizardry and layered story-lines that wows the reader eyes - But many don't look deep enough at the words as they are blinded by the bright alluring cover so they drift from poem to poem without really taking in the poem while others love the cover but embrace the words and see the complete story.

This is also a metaphor on how we live our lives- Many of us like the fly are blinded by the light-We live our lives attracted to the bright lights but never stay long enough to understand where the light came from but some of us embrace the light with all the shades that it carries.

This is a brilliant poem- different than your cover pieces where your hidden jewels lie. This is the poet speaking directly to us. And we find that your voice is as strong and powerful as your stories.



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To start, let me say thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It is always insightful and greatly appreciated. I also find it curious that readers seem to reconcile the subject of this piece with my own work. Billy Collins' new book Whale Day was what really set the hare running. Its cover is intriguing. There were no flying whales, but there is a huge abundence of cynical charm and humour. It made me glad I indulged in the whim and bought the book. But I was still fascinated by the idea of what could happen if one could follow a whale into the sky. What would it be like in the spume of clouds and icy currents of wind. How interchangable are the sea and the sky? As such, I wrote two pieces. One follows the whimsy, where as this one states a simple fact. The cover really did not match...and that whale really needed a chance to fly.

Appreciate the reads...

- D.