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The Corrections (1 Viewer)

I haven't seen any conversations about The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen in the forums, but now that a few years have passed since all the hype and the silly Oprah debacle, I think the novel can be read for what it is: a freaking brilliant piece of modern literature. Highly reccomended!

The Hooded One

Senior Member
I remember reading that a few years back. It was sensational. I do not recall what all the hyp surrounding it was about however.Care to expand?

Sincerely - J.C
Sure thing, Hooded One. Oprah selected it as a title for her Book Club and Franzen made a few remarks in various interviews at his uneasiness of having it as an "Oprah pick", which apparently ticked Lady O off as she pulled the plug on it and quickly switched titles, never mentioning the book again. Her deciples rallied against the book, which had all ready been widely hyped by the literary critics, turning it into a "love it or hate it" kind of novel. I personally loved it.