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The Conversation Game (1 Viewer)


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I thought this would be fun and actually educational! We have two people: Bob and Mary. I'll write the first line of dialogue and the following poster writes the response. And so forth. To keep it neat and tidy it would be best not to have any other comments. It's going to be interesting to see how these characters evolve and whether other posters run with those characteristics.

Let's do this:

Bob: Bob looked over the top of the newspaper. "Did you get me that rope?"


Friends of WF
“Ugh”, Bob groaned, bracing himself on the arm
of the recliner, laying down the paper and
attempting to stand, “I’m heading to the store,
shall I get you a pint of Chunky Monkey?”


Friends of WF
“The cat’s out again” Bob yelled back at Mary as
he walked out to the porch. “Looks like she’s got
the catch of the day.”