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The Complete Guide To Writing Fantasy (1 Viewer)


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Not sure whether to put this in tips and advice or here but with it being a book reccomendation, here goes.


I got this book today in the post and figured it might be worth reccomending to people that are just starting to write fantasy. Not sure how much help it might be to people who are experienced and know their stuff but it does contain references in my view even for people that are experienced.

List of chapters in the book:

Roots of fantasy
Living world
Race creation
World building
Fantasy without cliches
Plot construction
Medieval clothing
Medieval food
Health and hygiene
Arms & armour
Martial arts and fantasy
Humour in fantasy
Market resources

Please do keep in mind that as I suggest the book I'm only up to the world building section and there's 361 pages so I haven't had enough time to read the book word for word.

I believe there's reviews of the book on amazon.com if you want to hear people's views of it.

Anyways, just wanted to suggest the book for anyone looking for tips though I'm not sure how good it is compared to other books of this type.

Edit: Oh, it also contains links to websites for resource and research reasons, though I haven't checked the reccomended sites. ;)
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Seems like a good start for those wanting to write fantasy, perhaps for those who are looking for more ideas.