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The Chronicles of The Apocalypse, Prologue. (1 Viewer)


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August, 5th, 2050.

Rick looked up at the black roiling clouds above him in the sky. He put his bloody hands on his chest as the deluge continued to pour down overhead. “Is this it?” He sighed as the wind, and rain swirled around him, it’s fury fueled by thick dark clouds over head. His grief called out from the darkest depths of his pain numbed mind. “Is this how my life will come to an end? In a dark cold abyss?” Rick shivered in his cold, blood soaked cloths as his lung’s slowly filled with crimson fluids. He shuddered at the thought of dying.

He shook his head. His mind was fractured right now. He had propped himself on the ally way wall but he was in too much pain to register anything else. Another wave of pain racked his body as he began to cough up some blood. After his fit he didn’t have the strength to stand and ended up laying down on the cold asphalt resting against the brick wall of an ally way building. He brought his hand up to his face. With all of the rain that was falling thanks’ to Washington’s furious storm’s all of the blood on it was gone. “Good riddance.” He sighed “Not like I need any more reminders of my failure’s, to hang around.”

He let his hand flop to his side as he contemplated his last few days. His life was not the best but now it was coming to a slow and painful end. The only reason he was here right now was the shitty news’s he got a few days ago. His land lord wanted his long overdue rent money and instead of coming to a deal, the evil douche bag had kicked Rick out on the streets.

“Humph short, fat, greedy, piece of shit.” He muttered under his breath. Didn’t seem to matter anyway. With his stab wounds he wouldn’t live long enough to complain about much of anything. The monsoon that was raging on ever since the middle of the day had subsided and in its place was a fresh red hued sky as a beautiful sunset came to after the dark raging storm. Rick looked up into the crimson sky and saw something he had never seen before. “Wow couldn’t have picked a better day to die.”

Overhead Rick saw his first and most likely last meteor shower. He chuckled to himself as his father’s word’s echoed in his mind. “Make a wish bud.” As stupid as the idea sounded he made a wish while the sky still blazed on. He made his wish, to have a second chance, to do his life over again.
The last thing he saw in this world was a bright flash of light from the heavens. Then his life was extinguished as his vision swam with dark shapes all around him.

Bonus Sneak peek of chapter 1.

Chapter 1.

Time: September, 4[SUP]th,[/SUP] 2357. Location: Unknown.

As Rick slowly began to regain consciousness he noticed several things. One he was wet. Two he was freezing cold. His first thought was short and sweet. “Where in the hell am i!?”