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i've written screenplays and stage plays, now mentor a lot of aspiring screenwriters and playwrights, along with all other kinds of writers, so would be happy to give you some feedback on this, BUT... since well-meaning, knowledgeable comments on your 'boy' post were rejected by you out of hand, i hesitate to do so...

do you really want 'comments' on this one, accepting that all such feedback may not be unalloyed praise?... if so, i'd consider providing some...

hugs, maia


It is best that I know whether to continue writing or not.

All comments welcome.

I have never written a play before, so really it is in skeleton form.


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since you deleted it, if you really want, to know if it's worth continuing with, you can send it to me via email... that's how i mentor writers all over the world...

love and hugs, maia