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The Chore of Choosing (1 Viewer)


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Alright so I have decided to finally do NaNoWriMo this year, but I need to decide which of my plots to do.
I can't remember if you're allowed to do fanfic, but I'm gonna stick with original fantasy this year.
I have pretty much two stories lined up:
The first is an Alice in Wonderland-esque story about a girl trying to deal with the grief of losing a loved one while also trying to escape a fantasy world.
The second takes place in a fantasy world akin to Tolkien or C.S Lewis or Terry Pratchett. Admittedly I haven't got the main plot quite figured out but I'm working on it. The three main characters are Stansra, the incompetent witch and wannabe Bard, seeking to become the apprentice of the greatest Bard in the realm. Gil, the worst Thief in Kingcardine, seeking to win respect and reputation by stealing a Dragon Scale. And Eileene, the 'blind' Seer girl, trying to escape her over-protective mother and gain a sense of independence.
Actually if you have any suggestions for the plot of this story it'd be much appreciated. I definitely want it to have something to do with Eileene, and a dark, malevolent force. But that sounds so cliche that I can't even begin....


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The second one sounds like the story that's trying to get out, by which I mean that you are already wanting to explain more about it, you know your characters, and are able to understand a bit about how they behave. That, I think, gives your second option more chance of success.

I would highly recommend signing up early if you want to brainstorm, chat or meet up with people in your area. In my region, for instance, there are three pre-November meet-ups for socialising and plotting that I missed last year by starting last minute... it had never occurred to me to plan! :stupid:


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I like the second idea. Gil sounds like a laugh.

Not sure about having all three characters as incompetent though - I assume Eileene also does not quite have it together - because having more than David Brent's in one room might be cringeworthy.

Although Terry Pratchett doesn't seem to have an issue with it. Do you read him? They seem like characters he would create.


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Many of the best books I've read tell a story of each character then have something happen to bring them all together. For instance, The Stand by Stephen King and Breathless by Dean Koontz.