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The Brothers Satan (1 Viewer)


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A special vignette about family bonds in the conditions of diagonals, inspired by the very great work of John Knowles, but not directly really. What do you think (just a post-retirement short as summer ends,)?


Amlan Satan and Ajay Satan were both to an Algerian-Muslim father and Irish-Catholic mother in Algeria and moved to Boston (USA) where they grew up playing ice-hockey. Amlan was admitted into Harvard where he studied political psychology and wrote his thesis on Northern Ireland inter-religious sociology. He was then recruited by Interpol to do guerrilla-intelligence infiltration analysis in Belfast regarding rogue terrorism-financing (e.g., blood-diamonds) complicating negotiations between Sinn Fein and the IRA and Parliament regarding improved Catholic-Protestant resourcing. He'd become something of a real-life 'James Bond' in the underworld of political action in the modern United Kingdom. Amlan began writing home regularly to his mother (Estelle) and brother (Ajay) who're still in Boston. Amlan and Ajay's father Emil died one year before Amlan left for his Harvard studies. Ajay stayed behind and worked in the Boston law-firm McMurray, specializing in reports-and-filings for special pluralism cases in the iconic US city regarding modern democracy activism. He'd never achieved the level of sophisticated academics or intelligence analysis labors that his twin brother Amlan had achieved working now in the United Kingdom.

Amlan wrote in his diary, "Growing up with Ajay Satan was never normal, and we loved to swim together, but I realized from a young age he'd liked to make very strange comments like, 'The sun shines brighter on you in the water swimming than it does for me, suggesting that you must be a higher-mermaid of some kind and puts me in the strange position of having to humble you with my scissor-clipping dark hands of envy, my fair brother'. In fact, my brother Ajay would make multiple and varied offbeat comments on the nature of brotherhood, ambition, and envy, and the 'duty' of punishments and humility and the odd nature of competitive imagination in modern civilization. It was then that I concluded that my brother Ajay Satan had some strange 'chip' on his shoulder or a 'thorn' in his heart regarding the ever-present desire to outshine me in terms of metaphysical or ideological rants regarding the natural course of envy and betrayal that would ensue between us, given his conclusion that the 'sun shined brighter on me' than it did on him. I grew up thinking Ajay had this strange fantasy that he was some kind of 'envy-prophet' of brotherhood dissection, and this troubles me even today, despite my very busy work in Northern Ireland."

Amlan was right about his depressed brother Ajay Satan. Ajay did in fact grow up thinking he had some private mission to be some kind of 'anti-prophet' of brotherhood given his special disposition about envy and competition with his 'sun-shining brother' Amlan. The Satans were twins, but Ajay always regarded Amlan as someone he'd have to find creative ways to humble in his imagination even if through private diligent secret work that had no real impact on Amlan's own destiny or labors. This sort of dark imagination continued to trouble Amlan slightly, as he continued to regard Ajay with love and regards and brotherly affection as he might've considered what their beloved Irish-Catholic mother Estelle would want for her two sons, especially after the death of the Satans' father Emil. Now that Amlan Satan was an advanced intelligence-officer station in Belfast (Northern Ireland), it wasn't certain whether or not his destiny would take him down the path of continued intelligence-oriented determination or a turnaround to Boston (home, USA) for a reconvention with his alienating twin brother Ajay Satan who just might be looking for that odd 'separate peace' about his self-proclaimed 'prophecy' about the odd nature of envy...and disenchantment.


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