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The Book's Rant (1 Viewer)


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The Book’s Rant

I am lonely, and collecting dust
Flip me open, you must!
No body wants me anymore
Because they scurried out the door

I’m obsolete!
I’ve taken defeat
Why can’t you just take some time
And read me!

Why don’t you want to read?
Is it too boring?
Easy, pick up another book!
How hard is it?

What are you waiting for?
Read! Pick me up and open me!
I’m lonely here!
Give me some company!​


Senior Member
hello Revekka...this poem is lovely although it has loneliness as a theme to it...
I like the style and the punctuations and flows very well...any chance of a happeir to counteract this one.
look forward to reading more of your work.
well done:p


Senior Member
This was an enjoyable as a quick read. I liked the subject (a poor, lonely book) but I feel as if a lonely book wouldn't say "pick up another book" if it's main goal is to be read.
I liked it.
= )