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The Beta Band - Heroes to Zeroes (1 Viewer)


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This is probably one of my favorite albums this year. Just finished this review, comments, thoughts, suggestions, etc. are, as usual, very appreciated. Thanks!


The Beta Band
Heroes to Zeroes

Heroes to Zeroes opens with the thick, weighty "Assessment," providing an excellent introduction to this Scottish band's latest effort. At times, the sound in this album is so incredily thick that listeners are forced to wallow through it like waist-deep mud -- and that's not necessarily a bad trait. In fact, Heroes to Zeroes is one of the most distinctive albums of 2004. When The Beta Band released The Three E.P.'s in 1998, they were met with a fair amount of acclaim; the song "Dry the Rain" was featured in the Cusack-produced film High Fidelity. This is the same band that created this record, although an obviously more mature version of such. This shows through in their latest -- they may have grown up, but they're still the same band they were six years previous.

One standout track, "Easy," can be noted for its very unique and very obviously Funk influenced bass lines and rhythm section. Though not quite at the same level as, say, Parliament, The Beta Band demonstrates that three white guys from the United Kingdom can create Funk music as well as nearly any musician. As evidenced by the twelve tracks comprising this album, The Beta Band's diverse style is in full form for Heroes to Zeroes. From space-rock to dense indie rock to a very unique style of trip-hop, The Beta Band demonstrates their unique ability to rise above most musicans and create something that is not only captivating, but strangely beautiful.

When all is said and done, Heroes to Zeroes is one of the most distinct albums of 2004. For the most part, it is an album that takes its influences, examines them, and throws them out the window. The Beta Band's influences have made a definite impact on the music, but are largely just that -- influences and not guidelines. The final track, "Pure For," is a blissful piece that will echo in your mind long after the final four minutes of the album have passed. "I'm so glad you found me," it echoes over a booming bass and hypnotic keyboards. Quite frankly, I'm glad I found you too.

Matthew Montgomery