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The Belle (translation) (1 Viewer)


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Translator: Xiaoman

The belle with great aplomb and grace,/
Picks mulberry midst the diverse ways./
The gentle twigs up and down sway,/
while leaves are dancing and flying away./
When up her sleeves rolled her spotless hands show/
Her smooth wrists with bracelets made of gold./
A bird shaped golden hairpin nests on her head,/
And a green jade hung on her waist do the best/
With her jewellery and corals all combined /
To make herself looking so fine to shine. /
Fluttering in the spring breezes is her long silk skirt,/
And that causes her bottom garments to swirl./
She exudes her charms looking to-and-fro/
And she brings orchid scents with whistles she blows. /
Seeing her people’d pull over and unwillingly to leave,/
And those who are having meals would forget to eat./
Some folks wonder where she resides and /
They were told that she lives in the south end,/
Where the lacquered pavilion on the road side,/
With a tall door and two big bolts locked tight./
Her beautiful face looks like the morning sun,/
And who won’t adore such a girl? No one./
Then what did the matchmaker do? Why /
The price and marriage contract weren’t sent in time?/
But the girl prefers someone with noble morals,/
And to find such a husband is really difficult./
Everyone talks in vain about what kind /
Of the man she really want to find. /
Alas! In her boudoir her prime years go passing by, /
[FONT=&quot]Leaving her long sighs to be heard at night. /

美女篇 曹植

introduction of Cao Zhi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cao_Zhi



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Man Jianghong • Visiting Big River In Autumn Translator:Xiaoman

By Jiang Daohong

The clouds have been shoveled,
Leaving the sky as clear as crystal,
The cool breeze blows gently,
Our destination is Two Kings City,
To visit Great Gulf and Xingzhe,
To see maple leaves in Guangwu so red.
The river waves splash on the white reeds.
Ji Shui water is dark and deep,
As if everywhere is flooded and fallen,
Tourists are saddened.
The autumnal grasslands are wide,
With cold water alongside.
Ripples reflect the thin fog so straight.
Listen to the bridge over there,
A fishing flute sends sounds in the air.
Grass along the Jialu River are dimming,
and on the top of Mou Moutain the sun is sinking.
Seeing these beautiful scenes,
My old heart has gone crazy,
So I‘ve written down all about this.


一扫浮云,长天净、金风习习。二王城、鸿沟吊古,寻踪荥泽。广武横空枫叶赤,大河拍岸芦花白。济水杳、岂料已堙沦,悲骚客。 秋原阔,寒水隔。波影曲,岚烟直。听小桥那边,一声渔笛。贾鲁河边荒草黯,牟山顶上斜阳寂。餐秀色、聊发老来狂,书心笔。



2020.10.30 first draft in Zhengzhou