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the beer dance (1 Viewer)


I felt like writing and sat down, but
the empty beer cans became alive!
Sucked me straight back into the bottle,
stole my wallet and knifed me,
cackling dark maniacal laughter,
dancing around in cute psychotic pattern,
creating even a greater mess on my computer desk,
which already had one,
obviously undealt with...
Just now--
they've insulted me, see?
I might be liable to flip this flimsy desk.
I might just walk outside and eat some dirt.
I might just distill my soul and fly down to the pawn shop.
It's possible I might even get drunk and call my father.
Is today recycling day?


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While this clever poem has a ... light frothy feel, there is a dark truth hidden at the bottom of the bottle....


Staff member
I agree with Firemajic; the words lend a comic vibe but the underlying helplessness calls out and intensifies as the poem progresses. A clever depiction of alcohol dependency without a hint of self pity. Well done.