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The Baroque Cycle (1 Viewer)


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The Baroque Cycle (Quicksilver, The Confusion, The System of the World), by Neal Stephenson.

They were very good, and complex beyond the wildest dreams of any other author I can offhand remember. Warning: these books are large and random though.


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These are best read after Cryptonomican. These three novels are really some nine books rolled up. Very good, if under-edited.

Not Neal Stephenson's best. Snow Crash remains my favourite, closely followed by Zodiac.


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It's true, they would profit from the mighty axe of the editor. But still, I kind of love their raw-way-too-much-style. It keeps things unpredictable - on any given page, he might describe, you know, the plot, or perhaps the proper way to eat cereal. Who could ask for more? :)


I could.

I tried reading the first book in the series, Quicksilver.

Made it about four/fifths of the way through it and then launched the book across the room. The book wanders around more than a blind man in a pin cushion factory.

Imo,The characters were written barely more than two dimensional. The main characters were always perhipheral to the plot, if there was one.

Who the hell devotes a entire chapter to live dog vivisection?

And he kept coming back to it, God. Only slightly better than the chapter devoted to shyphillis.

I can't wait for the sequel where he investigates the fine art of nose picking.

This book got rave reviews so I picked it up.

I have not launched many books in my life, but this was one.
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