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The Awakening (1 Viewer)


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The Awakening
A hope that sun will rise
The dying sprout will bend towards light
Moisture will find way to the roots
Because drought has enough taught
And nature in its way has done enough to mend
And it's not here
To everything and itself to end

The Awakening
A time
That the last straw has been dropped over the heap
That you are done with you
And your life is no more your's
It's onwards now just a purpose to live
Or a reason to die

The Awakening
The eyes that are looking at you
That are waiting for the glitter in yours' to occur,
The ears that want to hear your roar
Waiting there standing behind your door,
Are the hearts
That want to navigate your heart
To pump all your blood
To their thought
Because they find in you
The ladder and the climber
To reach that cliff
But for them not unforgettable

The Awakening
Final moment
Collect all your shattered
And scattered pieces
Pile up
Straighten your spine
Raise your head
It is something reminiscing
Go for the deal with your conscience
Retrospection, Introspection , Revolution
The word has chosen you
To be the final one
For the awakening of one and many

Ritu Dimri Nautiyal