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For those not familiar, The art of war is a collection of works written by the military strategist sun tzu.

Theres several additions to this book, many are just the written works by sun tzu, some also have the works by his grandson, sun pin. Either way, the stuff by sun tzu is amazing. His work is pure genious, and nearly all of his military writings can be applied to everyday life. Lots of great wisdom in that book. This stuff is probably not for everyone, but I still highly recommend it.

Ilan Bouchard

'Tis a wonderful book. Anyone who needs to know anything about the business world, or any world with competition, should most definitely read this book.


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Book of Five Rings is also a good book, written by Musashi Miyamoto.

I have deja vu, it seems like I mentioned this book or someone else did in another Sun Tzu thread....
as a followup, 100 Unusual Strategies is almost a couterpoint to the rules set forth by the Art of War. I can't find a link to it; I found my copy in a back corner of the local library.
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