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the art of rolling stones: (1 Viewer)


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The stones inside were small,
cut discord into words,
gestures and the lust that followed;
a shadow, a wolf, a breeze
sickly sweet, a touch too warm
for sleep.

The stones inside grew
sought peace in words
art and an acceptance
that found laps, rested, purred, a breeze
tangy; scent of lemon myrtle
for dreams.

The stones rest upon eyelids,
draw the curtains
place the feet on a stool,
words a drool; the fool
now understands life’s a breeze
that whispers truth
behind loud footsteps.


Senior Member

I like this a lot, that being said I’m struggling to get a handle on this as a reader, currently I’m set on this as a comment on man and the evolution of modern civilisation as we know it currently. Or at least that’s my opinion S1 and S2 and then I change my mind cum S3.

I’ll have to keep coming back to this, which is no great hardship.