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Testing Prompts: Colors (1 Viewer)


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Making some space for myself to place all these trial and error experiments. The idea is based from a writing prompt I found on another site. (Should I link it here?) It indicates associating a color with something different than its usual meaning. For instance, rather than black being a color of darkness, it must be twisted in some way in the story to convey something other than darkness. The following works are my take on that prompt, while also attempting some new concepts I want to master which are:

  • The Art of Subtlety
    I have this bad problem of spoon-feeding readers (shoving the spoon, rather), which makes the text flat. Establishing trust on the reader seems to be in order and I feel like I can practice/experiment on it by not explicitly saying which color is involved in the text. (or should I at least place it as the title? hmm something i'll decide on as I go i guess)
  • Evoking emotion from the reader
    This goes hand in hand with the first problem. Since the text is flat, the emotion is non-existing, too, that even I find my own work boring. This is just something I need to refine once I achieve the first goal.

That's it for now.

Here's the first attempt.

[EDIT: 06/19/18 - 21:34] Just realised how I just disregarded a rule in academic writing: blindly writing without a thesis statement, yikes, probably part of a reason why my gut seems dissatisfied with all this. So I found me a site to base on (https://www.color-meanings.com/colo...what-do-colors-mean-in-literature-and-poetry/). Will apply this to the second attempt.

[SUB]The fateful encounter fell into place as daylight started to spill warm hues across the sky, blending, boiling into the rightful backdrop for the inevitable showdown. It could’ve been enchanting, magnetic, similar to those tales the bard frequently told with stars in his eyes and magic with every word. Instead, what she received was an indignant glare from the behemoth, an intense, silent stare off with the dragon. It made her clutch her sword even tighter, eyebrows creasing as she responded with an unwavering, relentless gaze of her own. The tension was thick, both parties unmoving as the stare off continued for what seemed to be an eternity.

Until the creature deliberately looked away, as if pained, casting a glance—to what? The knight didn’t bother to find out, taking the opportunity to truly inflict pain by lunging herself towards the dragon.

The battle roared into the day, both unrelenting to surrender. Not when their goals clashed and the only way of fulfilling it is through erasing the other’s existence. Not when she still needs to survive and save the prince.

Whom she does not find in the cave as she crashes into it. Her eyes darted around the premise, quickly scanning for a breadth of hair, which was a futile attempt. What was her quest even for, then?! Fire engulfs her sight and the knight forced herself to spring onto her feet again. With a pained grunt, she heaves herself out of the cave and dashes to execute her escape route—albeit her opponent not making it any easier—when she sees him.

Tattered clothes and unkempt features gaped at him, and is that tears? Almost two years since his disappearance and some things haven’t changed for the once infamous coward prince of the south, it seems. He bellows inaudibly, which mostly dies in her ears when she sees his close proximity to her opponent that she charges, leaps, adrenaline pumping, to seize her chance to strike at the dragon that’s uncharacteristically frozen in place.

The sword impales the beast’s right eye and it howls, balance staggering and shifting. The knight, quick to action, retrieves her weapon and drags it down through its nape, circling it until she reaches its heart and delivers the final blow.

The fateful encounter ends almost exactly how it started. The sky an ominous canvas of fiery hues with the sun dangling low on the ground, almost taunting as it gradually hides itself, yet still continues to emit a powerful glow that spilled throughout the forest, throughout the fallen monster’s corpse, throughout the two souls who silently stood among it.

Until the knight staggers, finds herself wanting to discard it, rather than having her soul be consumed by an amalgamation of emotions at the sight of the prince, slumping, kneeling beside the beast. At the sight of the prince’s ragged trembling as he held its claw. At this odd display of intimacy that brought confusion to the knight.

Then the prince turns his head and she was forced to look. Under the fiery backdrop of a sky, with the now violent rays of the sun as it emits its last glow before disappearing into the horizon, on the pool of blood of the fallen dragon beside him, her focus merely remained on the prince’s blown, but tired, sapphire irises and the streak of tears that pool within it. His features and body devoid of any emotion, emphasized hers.

And hers was blue.
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