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Terry Pratchet (1 Viewer)



I'd like to get into his books, especially the Discworld series. Any suggestions for a good starting point?


Hi Fusion. I got into Pratchet's books last summer and i have really enjoyed them. The first one i read was Hogfather and its still my favorite. The best ones in my opinion are the ones that feature the Unseen University.


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I would recommend starting with "Guards! Guards!" and following the guards sub-series. The first Discworld books are not his best.


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I've only read a couple of Terry Pratchett's books (both of the Discworld series) and they have been superb. I read Carpe Jugulum and Wyrd Sisters. Both of them managed to be extremely hilarious and yet very profound and stirring.



This lists his Discworld works. I love his adventures with Rincewind the most (see the 'Group' column of the chart to know who the main characters are). The man is a genius.

I'd recommend listening to the audiobook versions narrated by Nigel Planar anytime you get a chance, as he is a master at bringing characters to life. Once you know how to read, there's nothing like having someone else do it for you.


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I only read "Monstrous Regiment", and I couldn't really get into it. Maybe that cuz I'm a sexist. Girls fighting in wars. *guffaws and then goes to sleep, alone. All alone.*