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Terry Goodkind - Phantom (1 Viewer)


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Anyone read the new Sword of Truth book yet?

I just finished it last night. Good book. SO much better than Chainfire. I am kind of saddened at how my perception of Goodkind and his writing has changed as I've reread the books, and started to push harder in my own writing. There are several things that he does that I don't see the point of.


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After reading the first two books, I decided that finishing the series wouldn't be worth the effort.


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When I started reading them I thought he was pretty solid, but in re-reading them I started seeing all manner of problems with the mechanics of his writing, not the mention the preachy monologues in which Richard engages himself.

Note to Terry Goodkind, Dictatorial Socialism is dead. You can stop writing about it.


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I thought most of the books were really good. Pillars of Creation not being one of those good books. Chainfire upset me in how frustrating the turn of events that Goodkind decided for the series. It wasn't as bad as Pillars of Creation, but not as good as some of the better books in the series.

Phantom is a much better book that Chainfire. It's a better story, and it is really taking a good step in wrapping up the series. I like how he brought things back from the first book. Things a lot of people have probably forgotten about.

What has bothered me in rereading some of the books, is the repetative nature of how he writes. In every single book he repeats countless times how Richard is the Seeker of Truth, or how the wizards in the great war had more power than anyone alive today could even dream of. Those are just two small things that he drums into everyone's mind EVERY SINGLE BOOK. I think that by book 8 or 9 people would get the idea about most things.

They are still enjoyable books, if nothing else. I know I would do things differently.


It's a sad testament to how Goodkind has lost me as a fan that this is the first I've heard of his new book being out. I want to finish this series, mainly because I'm obsessive-compulsive about finishing what I start, but I have no burning desire to read them as soon as they come out.

It's good to hear that Phantom was worth reading, because Chainfire was mostly pointless. This series nearly died for me with Pillar of Creation. If I wanted to read Ayn Rand, I'd pick up Atlas Shrugged. It's good to hear Goodkind is somewhat back on trach.