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Celebrities aren’t perfect. They all lose their temper sometimes… in fact; they seem to have shorter fuses than the rest of us. And when they do lose their temper… well, watch out. Here are some incidents of celebrities losing it. Perhaps they just had a bad day-- or something like that…

•In one extremely famous (or infamous?)Incident, Icelandic singer Bjork attacked a reporter in Thailand after the reporter tried to interview Bjork’s son. “My motherly instincts kicked in”, Bjork said later about the incident.

•During the 2000 U.S. open, a microphone caught golfer Tiger Woods making some colorful comments after duck-hooking a drive into a bay: “Goddamn f**king prick!”

•While on a trip to New York, rapper Tupac Shakur saw a bootlegged copy of one of his CD’s being sold on a street merchant’s stand. Tupac flew into a rage, toppled the stand and yelled “You’re robbing from me!” at the street vendor.

•15- year-old opera singer Charlotte Church got pretty upset when after a concert someone asked if she would mind meeting some relatives of crew members for some photos. “F**k this, I didn’t agree to a meet and greet!” she shouted then stormed out.

•Actor Clint Eastwood checked into a hotel one day in Las Vegas. Annoyed that the closet wouldn’t open, he put his fist through the door. Later that night, while eating dinner, Eastwood's hands were read by a so-called palm reader. Her verdict? "You are a very tranquil man..."

•Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck was visited one day in the kitchen of his restaurant by a waiter asking for mint sauce on behalf of a customer. Puck said the restaurant has no such sauce. “Isn’t that mint sauce?” the waiter asked, pointing to a jar. Puck picked up the jar, hurled it at a wall and said “No, we don’t have mint sauce.”

•Country singer-songwriter Charlie Robison was on tour with his wife Emily Robison (also a musician) when he saw someone checking out their tour bus. He apparently thought it was a robber, so he tackled the man and the sat on him. The guy wasn’t a robber, simply a fan looking at the bus, so the police came and instead arrested Charlie.

•Pop singer Britney Spears was standing backstage at a 2001 “Rock in Rio” concert when she got into an argument about the show’s logistical arrangements. "Don't tell me they're gonna let the audience f**king stand out there!" she yelled. “Seriously - this is retarded!" Little did she know her microphone was still on, making her clearly audible to the enormous audience.

So the next time you get upset and throw a temper tantrum don’t be so hard on yourself. At least you didn’t punch through a door, sit on anyone or offend thousands of adoring fans. In that case, you clearly have some self-control, which is more than one can say for the people here.


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Was this supposed to be an essay or simply an interesting post? It wasn't really in essay format, but that's easily fixable, or if it wasn't supposed to be an essay it's fine the way it is. Those are some very interesting facts and very amusing too. Hehe, I'd love to hear some more of those!