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Teach me Metaphor (1 Viewer)

Olly Buckle

When described, perhaps we should STOP.

That is very heartless of you Sir. To do so would mean the foreclosure of mortgages, hungry families on welfare, dumping an entire demographic. What happens to all those high schoolteachers , professors, lecture room cleaners, secretaries who depend upon continued discussion.

It also seems prescriptive, must the description remain constant? Is there no room for change or development. I don't think that is in the nature of language.

I must disagree factually, emotionally and philosophically, and maybe a couple more -lly's, emphatically? Confrontationally? Unbelieviabally? :)
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Dammit! Meant to conclude my last post with :

:rofl:followed by some ho-ho stuff about the absurdity of muffling a bunch of poets with the bit between their teeth, then concluding the post with this:deadhorse: as the result of getting just too too, too . . .on certain topics. Mea Culpa for hitting Post before the funny bits.


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Depends a bit how you take 'Cup'. If it is something that cups something else, as a bra cups a breast, it is pretty literal. But I'm picking nits, ignore me.

The types of cups found in a tool box are limited. A good guess will lead her to the right tool. The metaphor is relevant to content through figurative narrative. Meaning on the other hand is derived from the other individual and not from the art object. The art object only instills through the inner process of evoking the other individual. Hence the arts are the Humanities.

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