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Tales of Coincidence: The Harpies (1 Viewer)

Do what you will. Epic fantasy with science. Everything is better with science. Heavy Anthony, Scott Card, Mieville, and Brooks influence.

Chapter 1

"For thy ill boulders deed impede me not, 1000 years of stone you three rot!" the magician cried out with all his spite. The harpies were struck instantly, the magician's cry not merely a spell, but an oath of fury for the harpies misdeeds. They fell from the air, now grotesque statues of bird and man. The magician ran to his beloved. He was stricken with grief. "My love! My love, are thee alright?" he whispered gently into her ear. The Azure Lady stirred, her eyes flittering open slowly. Her face was fair, the lines of age and wisdom had not yet begun to show, however the ferocity of her opal eyes inclined she was not to be dealt with. She met the magician with a weak smile.

"Take me away from here." she uttered so quietly that the words barely escaped her lips. "I fear more discomfort."

The magician sang a quick tune and rhyme, dissapearing in a flash of blue light. As if by some divine portense, the land around the harpy statues turned to muck. The mud and rock swallowed the statues whole, taking them deeper and deeper into the earth. They passed through the realms of the ugliest and nastiest of the under-creatures and went even further more. Some form of magic pulled them deep into the land, into the darkness of the old magic, the magic of life itself. The earth formed them, shaped them into something else, something different than just bird and man and more, much much more than harpy. For a thousand years they slept deep inside the earth, the magic sustaining them, keeping them alive in stone.

1000 years later

"They're on the crank. Set the thermo-gauge to 80%. This is gonna be one sloppy job."

A mechanical arm held a crate, carefully lowering it onto a staged platform. The platform itself was old stone, harvested from deep inside the earth for its magical properties. This column was over 100 stories tall of hollowed rock. It was covered in a red flowing cloth, which draped over the side to billow down to hide the wires and mechanical parts underneath. A short, tubby man with wispy brown hair was standing at the base of the platform, looking into a screen. He adjusted his goggles and pushed a few buttons. A terribly squat, ugly green face appeared, showing sharp crooked yellowing teeth.

"Kzzzzaaazk! What's taking you trunk-legs so long?!" the green figure spat.

"Watch your language with me, Grueltooth, or I'll have you sacked!" the wispy haired man shouted back. "Darn trunk-legs ...I'll show him." Along with the goggles on his head, the wispy haired man wore a white lab coat with name tag. He was very fond of this particular lab coat with name tag, for it was his favorite one. Just today, while he was walking into the lab, the head supervisor commented on his lab coat, "Thats quite the smart coat you got there Gnoel." he had said. Gnoel just smirked and kept on into the lab. However, the wispy haired man was not named Gnoel, he was Gnick, and he was most certainly not a scientist(you can tell that Gnommish work relationships were lacking).

The screen clicked and crackled back on. It was Grueltooth. He looked greener than usual.

"Oh my hugeness, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE READY?" he bellowed.

Gnick ignored the monitor and kept on working. He moved back the drape, slicing of some wire sheathing and pulling out the innards. Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, polka-dotted, any color you could imagine of wire spilled out.

"GRUELTOOTH." Gnick said sternly. "COLOR?"

"YOU SPRRS-" The monitor fizzled and sizzled, Grueltooth's voice mingling with the static. Gnick wiped the sweat from his brow, pulling the goggles over his eyes.

"Well, here goes..."

He pulled shears from his favorite lab coat's pocket and cut.

At the very top of the platform, 100 stories high, in the control room, there was a fire-fight. Two guards lay dead at the door, a third guard was holding his bolt rifle, his back tightly pinned against a steel column. He was watching a girl typing viciously at a console. She had blonde hair that was up in a bun like a powdered pastry. The guard's stomach grumbled, he couldn't remember the last time he had a decent meal. He jumped from the steel column with acrobatics not usually seen from a gnomish gaurd, landing behind an upturned desk. He let off a few shots from his rifle, and turned to the girl.

"What's the hold up?" the guard spat.

"Gnick just cut the wires, I'm putting in the final touches!" the girl squeaked in excitement.

There was a shot and a sickening splat. The third guard/saboteur slumped against the desk and fell to the ground, his blood trailing on the table top. The girl winced and picked up a pistol that was sitting on the desk to her left. She let out a few shots and continued her suicide mission.

Just hovering above the platform, the harpies waited silently in their wooden cage, as they had for the last one thousand years. The time spent in the bowls of the earths magic had morphed them into creatures that had not before been seen. A circular chasm opened up beneath them, the guts of the hollow column churning happily. A blue light eminated from the hole, dim and slow at first but gaining power steadily. The gears and widgets groaned and buzzed with the intensity of the magic being placed on them. The crane arm descended slowly, lowering the oak box into the azure light pool.

Then there was an explosion.

Gnick looked up in horror as the control room erupted in fire. The crane arm swiveled and spun, the oak cracking and splintering, the shards falling and erupting into flames as they touched the blue light of the column. The harpy statues swayed back and forth dangerously, the only thing keeping them from certain destruction was the fail safe gravity controller. Another explosion rocked the chamber. Gnick, not being of strong resolve in the nether regions, dropped the control switch in terror. It fell, dramatically, upturned, pushing the single red button it held. The crane arm fail safe released the harpies and they fell into the blue abyss.

The harpies fell and fell, the magic of the column pulling them into the middle. In what looked like a flash of light, the harpies transcended space and time, sucked into the vortex of blue power. Even though the obsidian column was only one hundred stories tall, the hapries traveled thousands of times that distance, all in a split second. The magic stripped the stone enchantment from them, peeling the stone as if it was molting season.

A stasis field blinked on, stopping the plummeting creatures. A tube opened magically in the air, sucking the enchanted creatures into it. They spiraled down, the walls feeling like green moss and brush, before landing in a completely dark chamber. The ground was spongy and light, the smell of earth and nature potent. The wall to their left began to emit a dim blue light, as if a a light blue lantern was behind a paper wall. The harpies looked on in amazement as a face appeared. Actually, it was many faces. The figure on the plant wall was a grotesque, many necked, many head creature, all faces squat and pig-nosed. Its skin was gray, wrinkled, and leathery like an old sofa, a true abomination of nature. The harpies laid frozen in shock. Too much too soon had occured immediatly after their re-birth.

"Peace, friends." one of the heads on the wall said, gruffly. "Sleep." another head spoke, this one sounded garbled, as if speaking underwater. The plant room began to vibrate rhythmically, like the beating of a heart. A slow mist descended on the harpies, tranquilizing them into a deep slumber.


Senior Member
Correct your grammer with the thees and thous. 'are thee alright' should be 'art thou alright'. The first sentance is also unclear.

portense? Can't find an english definition for the word.

Thermo-gauge? what about thermometer or thermostat?

After that I loose track. Too many new names to fast for me. Everything gets very jumpy and unclear.

Ilasir Maroa

Senior Member
If you're going to use non-standard English, please do your research. "Thee" is an object pronoun, "thou" is a subject pronoun. "Thine" is used before a vowel, "thy" before a consonant.

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