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Tale Foundry: Youtube channel looking to hire a writer/researcher! ~$500 month ongoing pay! (1 Viewer)

Hey! I run the youtube channel Tale Foundry, and I'm looking for a writer-researcher to help us make videos!

Tale Foundry is a tight-knit team of creatives who make videos about writing, storytelling, and fiction. It's a pretty involved process, with almost daily conversations and lots of brainstorming about creative approaches to the art and writing that will appear in our videos.

We're looking for an essay-writer skilled with voice and tonality, able to do meticulous research and write passionately enough about the material to make it compelling for a audience of listeners. This process will require academic levels of research, but the tone of the writing will be far from academic. This is not mercenary work. We're not looking for one-and-done commission offers. We wants someone who is eager to be deeply involved in a creative process and earn a fixed monthly payment (with upward mobility, of course), starting at around ~$500/mo. We'd require 15-30hrs of work per month.

The writing style we'll want you to try to replicate (to the best of your ability) will be the one used in this video:

NOTE: YOU WILL NOT BE EXPECTED TO REPLICATE OUR WRITING STYLE PERFECTLY. There will be revisionary periods afterward, where we tweak what you've written to better match the voice of the show's host. We'll also want to be in very close communication (almost daily) with you about your research process and findings to ensure we're moving toward a product we can confidently put on the show.

There may also be a trial period before we're paying you the full $500/mo rate. We might start you off with a smaller work load in order to make sure you're a good fit before we bring you onto the team proper, a process which should only take a month or so. During this period you can still expect to receive ~$250 per script you write for us.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, PLEASE APPLY HERE: http://thetalefoundry.com/writerapplication