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Check out: Szirine Magazine at

Szirine is a literary magazine on world cultures and subcultures, and publishes unique articles, fiction and non-fiction, by internationally acclaimed writers and new writers.

- Northern Ireland: From Segregation to Transportation, By: Fionnbarra Ó Dochartaigh
- Italy: The Silence of Certosa Di Serra San Bruno, By: Raymond Clement
- France: Islamophobia: A Near Futuristic Play, By: Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
- Haiti: The Lavalas Song, By: Yolaine St. Fort
- USA: Red Apple, By: Karamoh Kabba
- Saudi Arabia: Shifting Sands: The Future in Saudi Arabia, By: Jon Aristides
- USA: The Flood, By: Charlene Caprio
- Lebanon: The Lady of the Fortress, By: Karim El-Koussa
- Netherlands: The Way of Light, By: Remko de Knikker
- Nigeria: The Journey, By: Ogo Ogbata
- South Africa: The Rainbow Nation, By: Jay Henning

Szirine also welcomes new writers! Read the submissions guide at their web site or contact