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Sylvia: A Memoir of Hollywood Star Sylvia Sidney By Sally Miller (1 Viewer)


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Sylvia: A Memoir of Hollywood Star Sylvia Sidney
Sally Miller
Synergy Book Service
ISBN: 0975858106

After renting a rundown house on acreage, the author discovers that it once belonged to a former Hollywood star. Her interest piqued, she starts to do some research on Sylvia Sidney, and via Ms. Sidney's publicist, makes contact.

Thus begins a friendship that lasts until the star's death in 1999.

Throughout this friendship the author comes to feel the true spirit of her new abode, and the run down house slowly evolves into a true home and retreat for not only the author, but also for recovering cancer patients.

This book is more than just a glimpse at the life of a 1930's starlet, it is a reflection of how a person's spirit can influence a home even years after they have left. It is also the story of the author's survival of ovarian cancer, and the difference that one person can make in the lives of many.

The author's sense of self really shines through, and the surprise ending will leave you not knowing whether to laugh or cry.