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Sweet Water Lion (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
Sweet Water Lion

There is a toll paid
in order to sample
rare sweet water

waters freed
of their salts
and of their
countless dead

toes trace that shore
a symphony of sand
on the westerly's sigh

paws of Nubian gold
cleave a solitary path
along the waters' trace

to see the tracks
the tangible place
is to pay the toll

to find him

the Sweet Water Lion


WF Veterans
Hi Darkkin, again a mesmerizing poem. It feels mythic or ancient. A search for something beautiful but dangerous that rises from the deep, but so worth the price for even a glimpse of its existence.


WF Veterans
I read this again and again. Not sure exactly what it is about this poem, but, to me, it seems so full of atmosphere and truth. It gives me comfort and peace (an intangible knowing) and a sense of enlightenment. Zen-like. Thank you, Darkkin for this poem. Beautiful.


Poetry Mentor
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"Paws of Nubian gold"....THIS is imagery elite.... very few poets see what you see, and can then find the words that does justice to the imagery you want your readers to see....You paint such exquisite pictures with your words.... fabulous work...so elegantly beautiful....and such a pleasure to read ;)