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I am writing a story about a superhero. He is disabled for a while while he still has to discover himself. Eventually, he overcomes his disabilities. Eventually he is like superman, takes down the bad guys. However, he is not good looking like most superhero's.

In the beginning, he gets made fun of by jocks. He can't function normally. However a certain crowd likes him for himself. They see past his disabilites, his looks.

My question how could I make this character so people will fall in love with him? He is different, wierd but in a good way. I want the characters that are good to be falling in love with him.

By the way if you want advice, and it is not too time consuming I can help you. P.M me.


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Give him a charming personality. He might be mistreated but he's honest and compassionate to others and usually manages to charm people with his words.


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I say introduce him while he is doing somthing very lovable. Somthing that really speaks about his quirkiness... somthing that forces your audience to love this guy.


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How much of a superhero, is he? I tend to find stories about superheroes these days either highly predictable or very unrealistic. Perhaps you can have him be a superhero in his ability to overcome his disability. He doesn't have to be the type of superhero who has extraordinary superpowers that would surpass that of able-bodied persons. Just a thought.


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Maybe if he isn't disabled?

I guess this happens in Forrest Gump/Waterboy. So what if he get his powers slowly over time, anybody have any ideas?


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I was wondering about what you think about the plot?

How would you rate it on a scale of 1/10.

...it isn't one, yet, so can't rate it... all you have there is a 'concept'... not a plot...


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Sock said:
I say introduce him while he is doing somthing very lovable.

I like this thought. How about defending a small homely dog from being beaten by a group of jerks? They turn their attentions on the hero and it becomes the point where he becomes disabled. They could leave him injured, his face disfigured from the fight. Then the dog could curl up next to him, as if to protect him. Dogs are very sensitive to kindness, the audience would see by the dog's actions that the character is loveable. From this time on he has to struggle to find his powers. The gang could re-emerge as the villians later.


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the hero should never be,
-completely dependent on something i.e his powers
-without a unique sense of humor
The hero should,
-Be kind (doesn't have to be kind all the time)
-Have a love interesst
-have a small group of friends that he will later tell his secret to
-Always, repeat ALWAYS, have a good cause to become a hero
-Have an original storyline
-have a winning personality

judging by what has been said so far i don't think your hero has these qualities. if you want more advice p.m me cos i've written hundreds of hero stories. i'm not going to pick you up on the grammer or spelling but i will give my opinion.

Linton Robinson

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Then he could pick another list.
For instance:
Batman is not known for kindness, he has no love interest, not group of friends, no major good cause, just anti-criminals, doesn't have a very pleasant personality.

Superman has very litle personality and no sense of humor.

Try runnng X-men by this list and it really gets irrelevant.

The trend today is towards superheros who break old molds, who have problems.


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Why does everybody write a story about super heroes these days? I think we have plenty enough super heroes to last us a life time, the last thing we need is another one.


Funwriter said:
I have an odd tale about a superhero I wrote ages ago, maybe i'll post it.
Yes post it! I love superhero stories, I think the genre is fascinating because is uses the border between the surreal and reality to study some quality, quirk, or concept. What our superheroes are like says a lot about our society.


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Ok, I'll dig it up and post it. Have a look at my other posts and tell me what you think. I'll try and get Modern Day Superhero posted in the next couple of days..
Now you have the title.. :)


superheroes kickass when done right. Were you looking to do a comic or a show?


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I read something similar when i was a kid , i was about 8 or 9. The story then was great in my mind. The idea isn't original but then again most ideas aren't. I hope your able to pull it off :thumbr:.