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Summary/Review for Silver Kiss - by Annette Curtis Klause (1 Viewer)



Silver Kiss - by Annette Curtis Klause

Summary by Edward Jaquez (myself)

Feasting on the remains of others isn’t always bad..well..not when you don’t mean to. Teenage Vampire Simon has been around for as long as he can remember. He hasn’t gotten any taller, nor shorter, nor skinnier, nor older, but one thing that has grown, is his thirst for blood. Yet unlike most vampires, he loathes his appetite and even looks forward to the day when he can walk through sunlight once again.

It’s all thanks to his stupid child of a brother, who purposely lured him into getting bitten in the first place right after himself. The sibling’s name is Christopher and he, unlike his brother Simon, hunts rather for power than blood. Christopher will stop at nothing in order to try to abolish Simon, and even grow stronger while he’s at it. Everything even starts to seem futile until… Simon meets Zoe.

Simon knows that his time is running out, and that soon Christopher will destroy him along with any peace that New York might have had. And so..after obtaining Zoe’s trust, Simon devises a plan that involves Zoe leading Christopher into a deadly pit with spikes, but the attempt fails and the two brothers fight to the death, with Simon luckily emerging triumphant.

Afterward, the vampire realizes that he has lived for far too long, and that his grave should not have been empty for the past two or three centuries. So he waves farewell to Zoe, vowing to never forget her and to always be in her heart. The story ends with Simon vanishing into the light of day, which doesn’t harm him now that he is willing to die.

Zoe is left alone, the better of the fruits of youth awaiting her.