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Summary and character profiles of my lost novel (1 Viewer)

Note: I couldn't decide on a title, I might have chosen the last one: The Gap/Sugar and Spice/Frills and Thrills/Chocolate/Angua's affections/Riding in the mud/Dark Fantasies

Autumn 2000- Autumn 2001
Very brief summary
an alien girl and her friend open a portal to earth and one of them travels down. on earth, a boy is visiting his cousin and they're walking back to their apartment when the girl materialises in front of them. After explaining, they spend the rest of the summer finding out about each race and exploring their planets. unfortunately, steve, one of the boys has sex with a member of the royal family of that planet. After suspicion of impregnation, they decide to close the portal between the worlds until further notice. the boys go back to earth and don't hear from the girls again. they soon give up hope and go back to their normal lives. however, 5 years later the alien planet is in a state of fear; people over the planet are disappearing for no apparent reason and royal family are trying to keep people from evacuating the planet. a former member of the gerudos, a race consisting entirely of males doomed to live forever, meets a mythical time traveller who is seeking to discover the cause of the happenings. he discovers about the humans on squeguir4 5 years before and asks ganon, the gerudo, to go to earth and bring back steve. in return he promises him a device to control the universe. ganon accepts, even though he doesn't believe him. back on earth, steve still remembers squeguir4 but never wants to go back. ganon meets a girl from steve's school and she suddenly takes an interest in steve's alien stories. steve is worried about the mysterious dissapearance of the other boy martin, which happened a few days ago, but lets it pass as a kidnapping. however, he finds a note in his room saying, " I still love you, Stevie". After he reads it, the note evaporates into the air. a girl, who is with him, is slightly suspicious of this and asks him where he is going. he says he'll be okay and just stay here. however she follows him into the sewers and finds him stopping at a large grate and vanishing. she's scared but manages to get home.
chelsea, first alien girl, also wants to go back to earth and find steve. she knows portals completely off limits but she's determined to find them again. she appears back on earth where she remembered martin's house and finds him writing something (martin is dead...) after their reunion, she says she's gonna find steve. he's with terry his best friend, who knows about the aliens. they're both in an alleyway and steve turns away for a second before hearing terry suddenly clutch his chest and gasp for air. he turns round and sees terry wounded with three slits to the chest. he tells steve it was kelly's father, who she already mentioned was a small time thief. suddenly ganon appears and tells steve that terry was killed by the same unknown force that was wiping out life on squeguir4. he tells him that he doesn't really care, but he worked for someone who did and he should do it for his friends if anyone. steve wants 3 days to think it over; ganon agrees and returns; gets told off for not bringing back Steve. Ganon tells optimus that he himself said steve was under a lot of stress at the moment; he won't force him here after 5 years; he's a nice enough person.
In the end, this mysterious tramp-like figure kills Steve with a gun on some scaffolding; the simplicity of it was meant to be chilling.
This story was a mix of anime and the legend of zelda series, and movies also heavily inspired many parts of this story, including the 12 monkeys and some film about a guy who loses his skin in an accident and turns maniacal.

Character profiles (I wasn't much for second names)
STEVE: soft hearted boy who's slightly jealous of his british cousin, main character.
MARTIN: steve's cousin and best friend, is bored with life and pleased with chelsea's arrival.
CHELSEA: green haired alien tomboy who introduces boys to her planet. has special healing power, later falls in love with steve.
MOLLY: brown haired, freckle faced girl, best friends with Chelsea, short relationship with martin, helps chelsea use dimension opener.
ICARUS: chelsea's older brother, who is really a kokiri like her; kokiris are an almost extinct race, chelsea, molly and icarus are the only ones left.
AYEKA: daughter of queen of royal family. has a secret past with icarus and is being cursed by powerful aliens.
RIYOKO: attractive younger sister of ayeka. has sex with steve and teases chelsea about her feelings for him (she's nowhere near as slutty as she sounds)
SERENA/SAILOR MOON: girl with secret heroine identity. works to fight the forces of evil with her friends, runs away with a gerudo leader, gerudos are bloodthirsty race of males doomed to live forever coz of curse by royal family in fight many years ago. they need serena to break curse, but prince diamond, the leader, and serena fall in love with each other. to avoid distress by other gerudos, Diamond passes on the role of leader to Ganon and runs away with Serena.
RINI: Serena's younger 5 year old sister
TENCHI: riyoko's younger brother, saiyan, later grows a tail. saiyans are powerful and brutal race; he later meets angua.
TERRY: steve's best friend when he's 18 and after martin mysteriously disappears.
AMBER: terry's younger sister, tomboy, wants boys to be attracted to her.
GARY: human turned alien in the future, melanie falls in love with him
MELANIE: human turned alien. extremely powerful, simon's ("optimus"') younger sister. sacrifices herself for an unknown reason.
SIMON/OPTIMUS: discovered he had powers when he was 15. asks ganon to find steve and bring him to squeguir4; fears steve's intimacy with riyoko could have changed time
GARY(2): steve's younger brother
GANONDORF: part of the gerudos, has feelings for serena, but lets them pass, is made gerudo leader by diamond and later helps optimus. he had a previous 14 year old girlfriend that had to be killed for gerudo reasons. there's a harrowing coincidence that she's also called melanie and optimus had to kill melanie when she was 13. they both believe it to be a coincidence.
ANGUA: is 15 and found by tenchi in a juvenile prison, is angry at her father, simon, who left her five years ago for mihoshi, a powerful bounty hunter. they had a child who they also named angua and she is now 5. simon worked for the galaxy police and helped mihoshi escape. he resigned immediately afterwards. angua saw her father turn into a super saiyan and helps tenchi through his transforming stage. when tenchi becomes unconscious with a power surge, she wakes him up.
ANGUA(2): Angua's stepsister. She likes bright lights and is extremely fast.
MIHOSHI: Bounty hunter, corrupts someone from the galaxy police and names her child after his own.
PRINCE DIAMOND: leader of the gerudos and yosho's younger brother. has the ability to freeze time. is also a saiyan like his three older brothers, one of them mentioned here.
YOSHO: riyoko's former fiancee. was the first to ever become a super saiyan.
RITCHIE: chelsea's younger brother, has a great power
KELLY: Has a criminal father, likes steve. Flirts with Terry a little behind his back. Because of alien powers picked up through Riyoko five years ago, steve knows what she's doing.
TARA: kelly's friend
SHELLY: 13 year old slut
ps. I may have forgotten some minor characters

there is also a scene from the actual story that I printed out separately for manual correction at school, it's below. Forgive the obscurity of the dialogue and they are both 18.

Steve staggered slowly through the woods and looked around.
He hoped Chelsea had stayed put. Otherwise he'd really have been in trouble...was it raining? He reached a hand up to his face and touched his mouth, then looked at his hand.
There was blood on it. He felt the rest of his face and realised there were thin trickles of blood all over it. He couldn't have been hit that hard could he?
"You bastard!" screamed a voice behind him. Chelsea jumped Steve from behind and started hitting his back. Steve wiped some blood off his face and let her carry on.
"Stupid sack of shit, what do you think..."
He took her hand gently as she got up to pound his arm.
"Chels..." he said sitting up.
He let go and she looked at him, still breathing heavily.
"Steve...you're bleeding" she said quietly. "What happened?"
"I had to go and find out where we were. You wanted to come, but you were too ill...you understand don't you?"
His voice wasn't quite the same.
"Yeah...what happened?"
"Nothing happened"
"What about your cuts?"
He felt the blood and realised there were thin gashes in his skin.
What the hell was going on?
"Oh...I don't know"
Chelsea and Steve looked at each other becoming increasingly aware of how quiet it was becoming.
"What do you mean you don't know? Are you okay Steve?"
There was a tear in her eye.
"Yeah, Chelsea please. I was just walking a few minutes after I knocked you out and...it felt like it was raining.I have no idea how they got there"
Chelsea suddenly had the strange feeling of being messed about when she was upset. It was like he thought this was funny.
Her hand sizzled.
"What's the matter?"
She looked up. He looked serious. He was serious. Riyoko sure taught her a few things about people's feelings.
"Nothing, I..."
She looked down and picked up a twig.
"I like it here...I want to stay" she said, closing her eyes "Just like you did...Steve?"
She looked up and let go of the twig. Steve's face was pale.
"No. No, no, don't look down. Please..."
"What's wrong Steve? Is there something in the earth?"
She was beginning to get scared.
"Please Chelsea..."
He looked around at the darkening woods and each outlined shape he could make out through the growing fog in his eyes was filled with a deep black horror. He felt a grin of uneven teeth and heard a small laugh right in his ear. They both heard it. Chelsea looked around and senses someone's presence in the woods.
Chelsea looked at Steve. He was rocking unsteadily on his knees and his eyes were almost fully closed. He opened them with all of his willpower and reached out his hands to her.
She went forward slowly.
"Steve, you're losing it" Her voice quavered noticably.
Steve was coming back now and shivering uncontrollably.
"Don't touch me!" he said raspily. He flinched as she came nearer to him. "Look at me, don't look at the ground" he shouted desperately.
He seemed too confused to talk properly.
His eyes were turning misty and dark as he looked at her. She blinked and waited.
He sat up and looked at her making a small whining noise.
"Steve, please, let it go!" she cried.
Tears were streaming down her cheeks.
He drew back and opened his mouth.
"I'm sorry Steve! I'm not going to do anything!" She let out a small sob and closed her eyes.
"Chelsea..." he muttered plainly.
She leaned forward and hugged him.
"I love you Steve" she whispered.
Steve painfully struggled to regain full consciousness and gasped for air as he broke through the mist. He flopped down onto the floor exhausted, ignoring the leaves and twigs digging into his back. He got his breath back and sat up with a hand to his chest. He had somehow scraped that on something too.
Chelsea was still sobbing kneeling down with her face in her hands.
"Chelsea..." he wheezed again.
He looked around at the trees. A few leaves rustled past him and the breeze that whipped his face felt perfectly normal. He wasn't scared anymore.
He breathed in some air and crawled over to Chelsea. He put a hand round her.
"It's okay...I'm okay. Nothing's wrong Chelsea. Come on"
She looked up and dried her eyes. He was still bleeding. She reached up and touched his face. The cuts went away and some colour returned to his cheeks.
"Oh Steve...who was that?"
I don't know. Just...don't talk about it anymore okay"
He hadn't realised before, but her eyes were the same colour as the rest of her: green. They looked kind of reassuring.
He grinned feverishly and held her hand up to his face. It glowed blue. Apparently, it was a glow of affection. That's what Martin said anyway.
"Come on babe. Burn me"
Chelsea pulled it away and turned away angrilly.
"Yeah, it'll be right next to Riyoko's!"
She turned round and teleported a few metres away.
Steve pulled up his sleeve and cursed. How could he have forgotten?
"Chelsea, wait" he said walking up to her. "Riyoko was a bitch"
Chelsea turned back round.
"Well, sure she looked sexy and she acted really nice..."
"Not to mention otherwise" she muttered with her arms folded.
"Yeah, but she was just a pretty face. You're the one I've really been attracted to"
"Chelsea looked up, then chewed her thumbnail. "Oh Steve!"
Chelsea pulled herself close to him and buried her head on his shoulder.
"You don't know how much I've missed you.
Steve smiled and held her tighter.
"No one could replace you Chelsea...not Riyoko or anyone else"
Steve drew her closer and kissed her once.
He got up and she followed.
"Where are we going Steve?"
"Away from here" he said reproachfully, "Come on, we have to find the others.
"Steve, there's just one more thing"
"Yeah?" he said grimly.
"When you had all those cuts...I think...you have royal blood" she said uncertainly.
Steve silenced her and ran a hand through her hair.
"Please...just don't say anything till we get back.
She nodded and smiled.