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Suggestions For Writing In the Perspective of a Woman (2 Viewers)

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This discussion is why I base most of my prime characters off real people. Luckily I have known a broad assortment of interesting people.
Writers seem to get in the most trouble when they entirely invent characters, rather than pattern them after an actual known quantity.
This seems to especially apply when men write women.
This points to something that I believe strongly - that writers should get out in the world and experience life and have adventures and meet a ton of normal and odd-ball people. How can anyone describe love, hate, loss, or redemption that has not experienced it? Sure, we can write sciFi about living on other planets and the like, but for the most part our characters will all be based on what we know about people here on Earth. The best stories (IMO) are about people - you can put them in space ships or on other planets, even make them fish if you like, but to make them relatable to your reading audience they need to have at least some familiar qualities.

Women should not be alien to men, nor men be alien for women. Meet people. Watch them. Get to know them. Then take those traits and build characters with them.
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