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Strangers in love (1 Viewer)


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I think this piece would benefit from stanzas and I’ve highlighted where I think you could break the piece up below, I’ve also left a few comments in those gaps.

Thank you for sharing this one,



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I really like this concept the idea of sleep as a thief is a great concept, I just feel that the syntax here is a little confusing, this slows down the rhythm and flow and pulls me out of the piece.



This idea of a tree falling and no one being around to hear it, sneaks into the realms of cliche.

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the butterflies line is great


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I like the pace you create through to the end of the piece by utilising these one word lines.

vacant of lust is a great notion


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Thank you very much Syd, that means a lot.
I see what you mean with the start.
I may or may not change it as I feel raw about these feelings.
Maybe in time I will come back to it
I changed the start to speed it up a touch.
I think it’s complete, well I am happy with it now.

Thank you [emoji120]
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Don't know why this quote came out like this...
Anyway, just dropping by to say I like this.
"Butterflies were envious of our fluttering..." is really a great line.
Thank you for sharing.


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Thank You very much, it seems the technology has had it with the pandemic too x
That means a lot [emoji3590][emoji257]