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strange motivation... or is it???? (1 Viewer)

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I was thinking about what motivates me to write. I think i may have stumbled on why I find that I work in small burst. I swear it is very wierd though. you see I may have gotten into writing to see what others would do with my own ideas. let me repeat that. I may have gotten into writing to see not what my ideas would be but what others would do with my ideas. So i was wondering if I could reward myself for writing five chapters of a book by paying someone to write fanfiction of other works of mine? I know it sounds wierd and convoluted. it may be what motivates me altogether.. how else would i go about using this kind of motivation though. it started when my bff had dreams about the stuff I wrote and told me about my ideas before i told him. due to a dream... it us complicated but I was wondering if there were any cheaper ways to go about this than go on fiverr and just say.. you get to write fanfict about my book if I get 5 or 6 chapters done...o.0.. yes I know this is wierd but it may work...


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I may have gotten into writing to see not what my ideas would be but what others would do with my ideas.
That is a very astute observation. I have no advice to give you wrt. the cost, but it seems like a solid strategy. It makes me think of when I've watched a really good movie and then, am more enthralled by the credits at the end than I was with the movie. The sheer number of people involved. There is no rule that says you have to produce all aspects of the final product. I say try it! You have nothing to lose other than money.


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Sure. I say go for it. Hopefully they do a good job. I think writing is a challenge for me as well. There seems to be not one day it seems gone by that I am researching how to come up with a solution. I do think technology will be there someday to save the day. They are making some devices for mind-reading to type on a computer. That could be what we need., but it won't be in the market for a good while.

Today I found a useful book on how to write more coherently (a reviewer recommended it, although they said it didn't help 100% improve his ability to write coherently. Don't know how to describe a mirror? Read articles that describe mirrors to find details, for instance. Everyone has a different take on how a mirror looks like. When describing a room with 3 mirrors, I am thinking of applying this strategy. (Read then write, this is research in his words). Every object, person's appearance, place has a description that can be researched.).

Writing is a big obstacle in people's lives to have fun and to be creative. One day the cure will arrive or the solution. I sometimes wish I could have an easier time as well doing this.
(The below is a new book I found today)

How to Write Paperback – March 16, 2007 (I will buy sometime in the near future-less than one month from today-available on kindle). It supposedly teaches how to outline a paragraph and more.

by Alastair Fowler (Author)
I know how it feels. Someone once made fun of me on the basis of ableism, since I wasn't aware I had dyslexia and maybe a bit of dysgraphia. My onset of mental disease came a little afterwards after meeting the person who made fun of me. I didn't want to give in to his words that I should lose all hope.
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