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This Predictable race. This tiring absolute. Lurking, sniffing, joyfully disconnecting a past of wonders. As with most competitions, its identity suffers. Not unusual to remenisce about the suddenly not present, as we all agree what gives birth to them bastards.


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If only you knew what has begun to fail!

He and her. Owning no wings. Scaring. Beaming. Another sleepless night for the couple whose leaves are resisting to just... let go. Is this what it feels like to be on the run? To flee from discomfort? Already struggling to flip the days. Torture.

That sensation.

That feeling is strong.

Like feet in the smallest of pools. Bathing. Sometimes dripping like heavy nectar. Rain is no different as it pierces our life like the natural matrix it is. Yet. Huh. Finding ourselves counting them meticulously. Sliding our noses under the doors as the senses retract to matte. If only I could... get my hands on some of that cream. I remember this perfect coffee needing only one single drop.



This force so sacred. A catalyst of time. Skipping children opening their arms to footballs torn up by history. A few steps closer maybe, I like that name. Occasionally I do but I opened that ball up and when I looked inside, I discovered < fifty> <nine> <chalks>.

Ate them. I finished them all.


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welcome to the showcase

I enjoyed this piece , well written and a interesting and innovative format. It seems like prose poetry but it's not, you use that poetic toolbox with a fine brush. Excellent use of line breaks- oh the poem itself is quite good...