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Davi Mai

Senior Member
My apologies that this has no doubt been covered. But perhaps there are new options since then.

TLDR - Can anyone recommend a good tool for planning a novel?

Up till now I've only written shorter stuff. I'd like to try and put together a novel, but I'm a pantser. Most of my stories are 10-15k and I honestly don't really know what's going to happen more than a couple of paragraphs ahead.
So, I reckon I need something to help plan. Preferably something with a nice graphical interface, and including a timeline function. The tools i've found so far all seem to be just headers and categories. You know... a tab for characters, a tab for places...yadda yadda. There's no real functionality.
Recommendations most appreciated (I've looked at Scriviner and the interface is really off-putting, I think the learning curve is too steep)


WF Veterans
You can try out one note. I bought office professional edition in 2019 for a bit over 30 dollars on eBay legally. It includes one note. Maybe you can buy one note for cheaper. That said, you can now insert videos, images, and audio notes. It also supports dictation, but windows speech to text. However, a lot of people like scrivener and both are similar. Though this has little to no learning curve. This would be to keep notes. Some authors have recommended it. But for a novel if you want a tab for characters, plots, subplots, I think it can be done. Just make sure to save it somewhere safe. It takes a lot of space. Some sort of cloud device is best. I have not tried to save it on a hard disk drive that is portable. It's something you can search for online. Evernote is its competitor however beware the subscription since it is expensive to subscribe I believe.

For writing a novel scrivener is the only tool I know for very long documents. Microsoft Office can slow to a crawl when writing a novel and has frozen on my other computers that ran different operating systems. I don't know if that has changed since the early days.