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Stolen at birth(formerly lost and found) (Language Warning) (1 Viewer)


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As I dug into the story it all began to make sense. Who am I you ask? I am Private Investigator Peter Paul.

“Jimmy what makes you that you don’t belong in the Stewart family?” I asked.

“Look at me.” He screamed.

“How do you know that your parents want you gone?” I asked.

“Simple, I overheard them talking one day and they said we have to get rid of him.” He replied.

“So, what about your bedroom and sleeping arrangements?” I asked.

“I share a room with my brother Kris.” He said.

“What about your height how does that make you feel?” I asked.

“I feel puny next to my brother. He’s so much taller than me.” He replied.

From there I interviewed Jimmy’s sisters Lavena and Cassandra.

“Lavena, tell me about Jimmy.” I said.

“What’s to tell?” She replied.

“Okay what he like growing up?” I asked.

“Well he liked to fight and he always won. He was teased a lot by Kris. He often called him paleface.” She replied.

“Cassandra what made Jimmy run to your neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Toney?” I asked.

“Well, I think he ran to their house because he feels safe there. And I think he’s happy there, although I don’t know why. I mean he’s beaten up Jonathan more than once.” She answered.

“Why did Jimmy have a troubled youth?” I asked
“He was always picked on by the other kids in school. They teased him about his skin color and his height. They often said his blonde hair made him look even paler than he was. They also said that his blue eyes were the eyes of devil spawn.” She replied.

“Kris tell me about yourself.” I said.

“Well, what do you want to know?” He replied.

“What makes you different from Jimmy?” I asked.

“Well, for starters I’m a giant compared to him. I mean compared to Lavena, Cassandra and I he’s elfin. I seem to have a deep skin color. Even though, we both have blonde hair, I have curly hair; my blonde hair doesn’t make me look pale. Plus my eyes are hazel green. We couldn’t be more different.” He said.
“Describe Lavena for me Jimmy.” I said.

“Well, she’s average height, has brown hair and has gray eyes that seem elusive to me.”

“Please now describe Cassandra for me.”

“Well she has auburn hair that she keeps curled, and she has brown that give no hint of love.”

“So, why did you runaway to your neighbors house Jimmy.”

“I ran to Mr. and Mrs. Toney’s house because I feel safe there. I know I’ve beaten up their son Jonathan a few times, but they seem to like me okay.”

“Why did you ask Mrs. Toney not to call your parents?”

“They are not my parents!”

“So, Jimmy why don’t you want to be with your parents?”

“I’ve already told you their not my parents. And I don’t want to be with people who in turn don’t want to be with me.”

“Where the Toney’s surprised to see you?”

“Yes, Mrs. Toney was surprised to me.”

“So, what did she say?”

“She said that she’ll have to call my parents, but, I begged her not to.”

“Now Mrs. Toney.”

“Please call me Averil.”

“Averil why did you call the Stewarts after Jimmy begged you not to?”

“Well I thought the Stewarts were worried about Jimmy.”

“Did you talk to the Stewarts?”

“Yes and no. I talked to Mrs. Stewart?”

“What did you and Mrs. Stewart talk about?”

“We talked about all kinds of things. Mostly about Jimmy and how she was looking for a foster home for him.”

“Averil does Mrs. Stewart have a name you call her by?”

“Yes I call her Stella. We’ve been friends since we were kids.”

“Did Stella tell you why she needed a foster home for Jimmy?”

“Yes Stella told me that Jimmy was adopted and that she was having trouble raising him.”

“What did you and your husband do with that information?”

“Marwin and I talked about what to do.”

“And what did you decide to do?”

“Well we decided to foster Jimmy.”

“Could I see Jimmy, Kris, and Jonathan together?”

“Why do you want to see them together?” Averil, Marwin, Stella, and Mr. Stewart asked
“I want to see if the boys have similarities.” So Jimmy, Kris, and Jonathan stood next to each other. Shocked beyond belief I saw that Jimmy and Kris looked a lot like Jonathan. Standing nearby were Mr. and Mrs. Toney and were also surprised to see resemblances between the boys.

“Do you know the name of Mr. Stewart?”

“Yes, his name is Kyle.”

The more questions I asked I began to realize Stella was the brains behind the whole ordeal. For example, after Averil agreed to foster Jimmy, Stella profusely thanked her and Marwin. As I observed, the exchange I noticed that Stella smiled sinisterly. So, I decided to follow her to her house. I overheard her say that her plan was going to according to plan. She even said that Averil was a bitch for allowing her to be tricked in that way. I heard her tell Kyle that she had the paperwork ready to go. As, I followed her I also noticed that she snickered all the way home to her husband Kyle. Next, I heard her say to her husband that she had a victory. Then as, I looked in the window I saw then high five each other.
The next day I stopped by the Toney house to talk to Averil. Just as I arrived Stella also arrived with the paperwork that singed over her and Kyle’s parental rights. How she managed to have the paperwork ready in twenty-four hours is beyond me. Thank you Averil replied. Your welcome Stella replied with a sly smile.

How to describe Averil and Marwin: well she had silky golden blonde hair that shone in the light of the lamp. Her skin color looked like light tea and her hazel green eyes shine bright when she smiles. Marwin on the other hand was four inches taller than his wife. He wore glasses over his smoky brown eyes. His hair was curly and brown in which I saw Averil run her hands through. In the light of the lamp his dark chocolate skin shinned.

Later that day I followed Jimmy from the bus stop. As I followed him I saw that he went to his old house. As he tried his keys in the lock he noticed that the door wouldn’t open. His parents had changed the locks on him. So he sighed and headed to the Toney house where he now lived. As he entered 527 Charleston place, I could see Mrs. Toney was annoyed with Jimmy for getting home late.

“Why are you late Jimmy?”

“I got detention okay!”

“No that’s not okay young man. I was worried about you.”

“Yeah so what my parents never cared about me, so why should you!”

“I do care Jimmy because you remind me of my son Jonathan.”

“When did you discover you were adopted?

“I knew since I was five I was adopted by the Stewarts.”

“How did you end up in foster care?’

“My parents placed me there. They somehow know the system”

“How did you end up back at your parents’ house?”

“Simple my new family would return me to my parents within a month.”

“Why did they return you to your parents?”

“I don’t know. But I hated every foster home I was in.”

“So, how many foster homes have you been in?”

“The Toney’s are number twenty. The sad part is I don’t want to my parents.”

“Why were you in nineteen other foster homes before coming into the Toney house?”

“I didn’t like any of the other foster homes.”

“Why not?"

“Mostly because they had all these rules and partly because I didn’t like them.”

“You know the Toney’s have rules too you know?”

“Yes but I like them.”

“How old are you? And what do you want to do?”

“I’m nine and I want to find my real parents.”

“I will help you find your real parents.”

“Thank you.”

To begin my search for Jimmy’s parents I had to talk to Stella.

“Stella in what hospital was Jimmy born in?”

“He was born in Catholic Memorial Hospital.”

“What month, day, and year was he born?”

“He was born on June 1, 1983.”

“What was the day you and Kyle adopt him?”

“We adopted him on June 3, 1983.”

On March 1, 1993 I went to the hospital to interview the hospital coordinator.

“What can you tell me about Jimmy Stewart?”

“Not much as the records from 1983 or earlier were destroyed in a fire in the maternity wing.”

“What records do you have then?”

“We have records from 1984 or later.”

“Do you have any suggestions for where I should look?”

“Yes, check with the State of California and see what they can come up with.”

“Thank you.”

I drove to the Cranberry Juice restaurant for lunch. After lunch I headed for municipal of California to see if they had records of Jimmy’s birth parents.

“Where do you keep your files?”

“For what year?” Mrs. Joan Johnson asked.

“Nineteen hundred eighty three.”

“Follow me.”

As I searched, for a record of Jimmy John Stewart I found nothing. What I did find there was no record of an adoption on June 3, 1983. The municipal of Fresno had a record that dated June 1, 1983 of a death of Timothy James and William Robert Toney. Then there was a record of a birth of twin boys named Charles John and Romeo Carlin Stewart who were also born on June 1, 1983. They also had a record of a death Charles John and Romeo Carlin Stewart were registered dead on June 1, 1983 by the city of Fresno.

“Thank You”

“Your welcome.”

As I left the municipal offices I thought it was strange they had no record of an adoption of a boy on June 3, 1983 who would be Jimmy’s age. But have a record of a birth of a Jonathon Jacob, Timothy James, and William Robert Toney. One other thing stood out to me the reported death of Charles John and Romeo Carlin Stewart on June 1, 1983.

“So Stella tell me why you hate Averil so much?”

“I hate her because she killed my brother Jim Bob.”

“How did you plan on making her pay for that?”

“When Averil gave birth to triplets on June 1, 1983 and my sons were still born. That’s when I saw my opportunity to make her pay.”

“What did Averil’s triplets have to do with your plan?”

“That’s easy since my kids were dead and hers were alive I saw a chance to get back at Averil. And that was to take two of her kids”

“So you decided to steal two of her kids?”


“How many steps did you have in your plan?”

“I had five steps in my plan.”

“Can you explain the steps to me?”

“Yes, step one, go to the maternity ward two days after the birth and claim timothy and William Toney are Charles john Romeo Carlin and leave the hospital with them. Step two, if the nurses gave me a hard time I would claim they are mistaken and it’s really timothy and William were still born. Step three, leave the hospital with them and change their names to Jimmy john and Kristopher James Stewart. Step four; I would pretend to adopt them. Step five, when they ask why their so different from their other siblings they are told they were adopted so they don’t suspect that they were stolen from their birth parents at birth.”

“Jimmy tell me why Stella and Kyle wanted you gone?”

“As far as I know they couldn’t take my bad behavior anymore.”

“Did you know they wanted to give you and Kris back to your birth parents?”

“Yes but they don’t know that I know.”

“Do they have any remorse?”

“No they don’t show any remorse.”

As my search continued I stumbled on a lead. I found the name of nurse that delivered Jonathan, Timothy, William, Romeo, and Charles on June 1, 1983. Her name is Melissa Addams, and she is believed to live at 75 Adams Lane in Los Angles, California. On March 5, 1993 I drove to 75 Adams Lane. I slowly walked up the driveway with trepidation in my mind. Once on the front porch rang the doorbell and waited.

“May I help you?” The young woman asked.

“I know you don’t know me but is Melissa Addams home?”

The young woman began to cry. “I’m sorry miss did I say something wrong. I don’t mean to upset you miss.”

“No sorry but my grandmother Melissa Addams passed away a year ago today and she left the house to me.”

As she noticed my disappointment she invited me into her house.

“I am Sue Marie Addams and you are?”

“I am Peter Paul.”

“So what brings you here Mr. Paul?”

“I am looking for the birth parents of a clients’ foster son Jimmy John Stewart. He was adopted on June 3, 1983.”

“I’m sorry I can’t help you.”

“Thank you for your time.” I took my leave and apologized for intruding on her.

“It was no bother at all.”

I headed back to the Toney house. “So I went to Melissa Addams house and found out she passed away. I am so sorry.”

“We are sorry too. But we want to adopt Jimmy.”

“Wow I am shocked!”

They call Jimmy into the living room.

“So Jimmy we have some good news for you.”

“What is it?’

“We want to adopt you.”

“I am surprised you want to adopt me.”

On March 7, 1994 the Toney’s adopted Jimmy John Stewart and changed his name to Jimmy John Stewart Toney.

“How does that make you feel?"

“I feel happy now that I have a family of my own.”

“Are you still getting into trouble?"

“I still get into trouble from time to time.”

“Do you feel that you’ll have a home with the Toney’s?”

“Yes I feel at home now.

Jimmy gained six brothers one older and five younger. The names of his new brothers are Jonathan Jacob, Shane Michael, Peter James, Michael Matthew, Christopher Dane, and James Michael. Shane, peter, and Michael are triplets who are going to be nine on April 5, 1994. Christopher and James are identical twins who were one on March 5, 1994. Later that day I found out that Marwin and Averil are Jimmy’s parents but I can’t tell them yet.

As I dug into Jimmy’s past I stumbled on a theft and a cover up. One by one the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. To celebrate the adoption of Jimmy Averil threw a welcome to the family party for him. So on Saturday March 10. 1994 the Toney family, the Stewart family, the March family, and me Peter Paul all celebrated as Jimmy joined the Toney family. As I walked around I overheard Stella and Kyle talking.

“The nerve of that bitch inviting us to party that involved that dumb kid.”

“Keep your voice down Stella.”

“Why are we here Kyle you know I hate Averil.”

“You know damn well we are here because I loved Averil you stupid bitch!”

“How dare you call me a stupid bitch?”

“I call you a stupid bitch because I hate you.”

“How can you hate me Kyle? We are cut from the same cloth.”

“I hate you because I could have been married to Averil. Damn bitch this all your fault.”

At that moment Averil walked over to them. “How is everything going?’

“Fine.” They snapped.

“Why do you love that damn bitch for?”

“I loved her because she is everything you’re not.”

She stormed off and left him as he stood there. Next I spotted Jimmy and went over to talk to him.

“How do you feel about this party?”

“I never felt so loved in my life.”

“What about all the gifts you are receiving?

“I never received so many gifts. Actually I never received a gift.”

“What about birthdays and Christmas?”

“My parents never threw me a birthday party or gave me a Christmas present.”

“What about their biological children?”

“They gave their biological kids presents but not the adopted one. Excuse me I want to talk to Mrs. Toney.
"Would it be okay if I called you mom Mrs. Toney?”

“I would love it if you called me mom.”

For the first time in his life he smiled.

Day after day I gathered more and more proof that the Toney’s were Jimmy’s and Kris’s biological parents. First I found the adoption of them hadn’t been registered. Second they looked so much like Jonathan they could have been triplets. Third the death of Charles john and Romeo Carlin Stewart was registered along with the deaths of Timothy James and William Robert Toney. It all made sense to me. One other thing seemed to fit, Stella hated Averil Toney. What I couldn’t figure out is why Stella hated Averil.

I hated lying to the Toney’s. But I wanted to make sure the facts added up before I told them to have DNA test that proved Jimmy and Kris were Timothy and William. When I did I knew the Toney’s would want to confront the Stewarts. The Stewarts found out that the Toney’s hired me Mr. Peter Paul which worried Stella. So to continue my investigation I had to pretend to be a television repairman.

“What are we going to do about this latest development?"

“Nothing dear.”

“What do you mean nothing?”

“Just that dear.”

“How can you be so calm when our lives are falling apart?”

“Because bitch I told you ten and half years ago we shouldn’t take Timothy and William. But no you had to have the babies you lost in birth.”

“How dare you make this about me you asshole.”

“It’s always been about you from the day you stepped in Averil’s way from asking me to the Sadie Hawkins Dance.”

“That bitch doesn’t deserve to live but you worship her from afar. Why can’t you worship me the same way you worship her?”

“To put it simply I never loved you and I will never love you. All I have for you is pity.”

“Pity, pity what the fuck do I need your pity for.”

“I had pity for you because you’ve never forgiven Averil for the death of your brother. You’ve hated her since Jim Bob died while on a date with her.”

“That bitch should have done something to prevent him from choking and save his life.”

“You know damn well she didn’t know how to do that and besides the restaurant was crowded anyone could have helped your brother.”

“Well I still feel that if they hadn’t date he still might be alive.”

“She suffered to you know.”

“’Averil suffered what a joke.”

Just then Kris walked in to the room crying. As they looked at Kris they stopped fighting for the moment.

“What’s wrong Kris honey?”

“You and dad are fighting a lot these days and hurts me so much.”

“Oh honey there is no need to worry about grown up things.”

“Mom I’m fourteen and I’m not stupid. I know about how you stole Jimmy and me from our birth mother. When I was nine I read your diary and found your plan.”

“Why did you read my diary Kris?”

Then she raised her hand to slap him but stopped short.

“Because mom I knew there was something different about Jimmy and me. I saw he looked like me and we didn’t look anything like our sisters.”

“Oh you little sneak you had me fooled. When did you become such a great actor?”

“When I was nine and half years old mom.”

“What are we going to do Kyle when we are caught in this scheme?”

“Nothing but anticipate going to jail and losing our kids to the system.”

“What do you mean the system?” Stella asked as she began to bawl.

“My family disinherited me when I married you. And all your family is dead.”

“Kyle what do you mean my family is dead. I just heard from my sister Marie Jean Calvin.”

“With the exception of your sister Marie who just married Charles Calvin, they are dead to you.”

“Come on explain what you mean damn it.”

“Stella your mom and dad disinherited you the day you told them your plans for Averil. And because of that no one in either family is willing to take care of our children.”

“That can’t be Kyle what about Marie?”

“Marie called you from a mental hospital that her husband put in because she tried to kill herself. Just like Charles, Jim Bob, and your sister Sally.”

“What do you mean Jim Bob committed suicide. He was on a date with that bitch Averil.”

“That’s true Stella but before he decided to end his life while on a date with her he wrote your parents a note. Your parents gave me the note the day we got married and here it is.”

I took the note from Kyle and read it out loud.

Dear Mom and Dad,
As of June 7, 1969 I am going on a date with my one true love Averil March to force myself to choke to death. I am doing this so I don’t have to deal with my younger sister Stella and her schemes anymore. Even though I know Averil will try to help me, I am going to stop her. I am so sorry I have to do this.
Your loving child,
Jim Bob
Jim Bob

“Why Jim Bob why did do that I adored you.”

“You may have adored him Stella but he didn’t adore you.”

The year is 1996, and Jimmy is thirteen almost fourteen years old. I finally decided I had enough proof to prove Jimmy is Timothy and Kris is William. Armed with my proof on March 9, 1996 at 10:00 am I called on Mrs. Toney at home.

“Shocked into disbelief who would do such a thing and how can this be proved?”

I suggested to Mrs. Toney that Jonathan, Jimmy, and Kris have DNA test to prove they are timothy and William. Secondly, I showed her proof that Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Stewart were behind the schemes.

“Why would Kyle and Stella do such a thing?”

“Stella believed you killed Jim Bob back in 1969.”

“Why that’s prosperous.”

Later that day I told Marwin what I learned. He was dismayed as he suggested that we talk to the Stewarts with the aid of police. As we approached Kyle and Stella, Stella started to run but is caught by an officer.

“Let me go you son of a bitch!”

“Calm down lady” Officer Ibeamaka Obote said.

Stella calmed down and we went into the Stewart house. Once inside Kris Stewart ran up to Averil hugged her and called her mom.

“Nice to see you Kris but I’m not your mom am I Stella?”

“I stole Kris from you too.”

“Why would you do that to me Stella?”

“I’ve hated you since the day Jim Bob died.”

“Oh Stella we grew up together you should have known better than that. Kris how did you know I was your mom?”

“I just looked at you, dad, and then in the mirror.”

“Oh dear now we have to prove Jimmy was Timothy and Kris was William.”

The officers arrested Stella and Kyle.

“Please adopt our kids.”

Stella glared at Kyle. Officer Ibeamaka Obote hulled them off to jail but not before Averil promised to take in their girls as her own.

The DNA test proved that Marwin and Averil are Kris’s and Jimmy’s mom and dad. Because of the DNA test Kris is found to be thirteen instead of the sixteen he thought. Further test showed Jonathan was five minutes older Timothy who was two minutes than William. So armed with this information and the arrest of the Stewarts some changes are made.

One Jimmy’s name is changed Timothy James Toney. Two Kris’s name is changed to William Robert Toney. Kris’s former sisters are adopted by the Toney’s. They get to keep their names of Lavena Marie and Cassandra June Stewart. Finally even though the case is thirteen years old the Stewarts are found guilty and are sent to jail. This closed the case for me Peter Paul.

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Hey cassie30.

I've read both versions, and I think you need a mix of the two. The interview sections are great but the sudden changes of who is being interviewed is jarring and confusing. It needs a little more....back story, such as, how did Peter Paul get involved in the case? What is it about this case that makes Peter want to talk about it? Was he involved in the original investigation? Maybe include some of his thoughts and the like in between the interview sections, such as who he needs to speak to next, what he's missing. The last two paragraphs are a little awkward. I suggest fleshing them out a little, add in how much happier the kids are, how long the Stewarts were going to be in jail for etc.

Grape Juice Vampire

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You had more descriptive text in the last, this is mostly interview. In the beginning of the other version, Peter Paul described the kid, stuff like that.

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