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Stillness despite the rainfall. (1 Viewer)


Through thick and thin, through every sin,

Through every storm before the win,

While shadows lurk and doubt would creep,

While hearts would mourn and eyes would weep,

Before the storm, remaining calm,

With hand in hand, without a qualm,

A steadfast stillness despite the clash,

Where lightning strikes and thunders thrash,

Eyes that do not falter, ships that would not steer,

What once would be dissuaded by what was once unclear,

A head held high despite calamity, a banner sure to raise,

A heart burning, to inspire, an uplifted voice of praise,

Such is the manner of a victor, the demeanor of those who gain,

A triumph over every storm, the victor over the pain,

Calm through all turmoil, sharpened wit and will,

A heart so calm despite the storm, a spirit to remain, still.

May Lord Jesus Christ have all the glory!

-Jordan Zuniga


Senior Member
Wow! I love this, but I was distracted by the rhyming and meter but still I would suggest you do this in free verse even though you successfully wrote something religious-like and yet a little profound.