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Still Alive! It's Podcast Number Five! (1 Viewer)


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ep five graphic.jpg

Hello WF! It has been quite some time since the dust has been wiped from this corner of our wonderful forum. Finally, I am here today to do a bit of cleaning and kick off our Flashes of Brilliance podcast once again. The wait has been long, but it is now over! Thank you all for the continued support shown through these last several months and the patience exercised for this episode. Please stay tuned as the Podcast and its schedule is being revamped to ensure the Media Team brings you consistent episodes for the future.

Here's the wonderful list of the members that agreed to have their amazing works read:

September 2015 Fiction Competition Winner:

- Parts to Number, Parts to Name

- Ransom's Secret Revealed

CoF August 2015 Winner:

bluemidget - The Banana Bread Bewilderment

August 2015 Poetry Challenge Winner:

Terry D - Tidal Tales

Member Submissions:

Plasticweld - Why Does Being Bad, Feel so Good?

astroannie - Spring Training Masquerade

Thank you to each and every one of you. I'm honored to be reading such fantastic stories and poems.

So without further delay, click HERE to listen to episode five now! ^_^
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How did I miss this? I guess I was really busy! I love the introduction music. I noticed you guys are now on Spreaker. I hope this works out for you! I really like the guest speaker! Great voices guys! Great work.


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Thank you Bob and Anthony. No need for apologies! I kinda snuck this episode right into the newsfeed so it was difficult to catch at first =p

I'm glad you like the intro music. It took me awhile to search for something and found something that was free and I felt worked for the vibe I was going for. Our next episode will be up sometime in October so be ready for it!


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I'm happy to see these podcasts back- Although my little dragon story didn't make the cut, one of the dragons bit my finger off when she realized she was on the cutting room floor, I enjoyed every poem and story on that podcast. Your guest speaker added a nice male timbre to your angelic voice. Keep on trucking, hip hip hooray to our pancake addict....

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