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Sticking with You (1 Viewer)

Dylan di Vilde

Senior Member
You asked me one day whether
we’d always be together.
You talked of this a lot
and so I thought - Why not?
So I had this awesome notion
to show my true devotion -
I’d get myself some glue
and glue myself to you
to be always by your side -
my perma-fastened bride.
As one through thick and thin,
stuck firmly by the skin,
like a pod with two peas,
like…. Bostik Siamese.

I couldn’t wait to share
my plans to be a pair.
But then some practicalities,
some day to day realities
and worries of that kind
crept in to my mind.
Like how we’d get through doors,
potential chafing sores,
to earn an honest bob
we could only have one job,
despite our romance thriving
we couldn’t share the driving,
and might some people mock
our single roomy smock?

And things that I won’t mention
could add a strange dimension.
Lets just say I feared
it might get a little bit weird.

And how would we unfetter
if I met someone better?
Not only would I break your heart,
we’d literally be torn apart.
We’d have to be anesthetised
as doctors grimly ripped and prised.
Then what a pickle we’d be in
requiring major grafts of skin
and possibly some sinew
before we could continue.

But then when I revealed to you
my qualms concerning superglue
you seemed perplexed,
and a little bit vexed
with a strange undercurrent of violence
beneath that inscrutable silence.

And needless to say
we split up that day.


Staff member
Wonderful- damn funny with serious undertones. Excellent rhyme scheme, easy flow and great writing. This made me laugh which is hard to do, as I'm a surly bastard.

The last three stanza's were hilarious as well as illuminating. I loved this- it will go down as one of my favorites....



Staff member
Your poems are a tonic in these grim days. Loved the understated humour, especally these lines;
'with a strange undercurrent of violence
beneath that inscrutable silence'

I always look forward to your offerings. Let's see more. :)