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Stepping out of the Shadow (1 Viewer)

Hi Everyone!

A big wave from Melbourne Australia....

My first ever post - wow i feel so proud

And yet so naked! "What if they don't like me?!"

I look forward to some good conversations :)

So for now i bare my carcass...

Feast you wonderful vultures!



Senior Member
No worries :)

What kind of writing do you do? I do mostly military historical fiction (WW2 & Vietnam), when I'm not writing fan fiction.
Mostly poetry and short prose. Perhaps i don't have the patience for longer work :)

Military fiction sounds interesting - I would have as much fun researching as i would writing!


Hello, hello!

I think I'll avoid your carcass, since you seem to be rather alive and I'm not a very good vulture, but thanks for the offer! xD


Hi there!

Hi and welcome to Writers Forum! I am new too!:lol:

Hope you enjoy this forum as much as i do! Advices on any future pieces of writing would be greatly appreciated.

Have a nice day!